Monday, January 25, 2010


白天 黑夜 ... 每天的每天 天天的天天
每一天睁开眼睛 时间都在改变着一切
逝去的太多 但我没有时间去叹息

再迷惘 我也得继续.

因为 很简单 i'm everything i am.
there's somewhere higher u belong's to archieve it.

谢. 还好, 有你让我依赖着. 哈.
几时 要握着我双手 陪陪我, 望望天 看看海 吹吹风 ?

繁忙的生活 疲于奔命的日与夜
每天的每天 我,梦在飞
翅膀累了也 不 停歇。


Thursday, January 21, 2010


The new year,
2010 = 爱你 忆玲 .....hahaahhaha. crazy.

I'm seriously busy recently. Gah!

Currently i'm working so hard to earn money money money...
Am working kat Focus Point, SACC.
(anyone looking for new spec? branded glasses? call me. find me. i will serve u the best way. intro u the best damn thing. Aha...)

Don't u look down this job kayyy... other than sales and there is so fcuking lots of optician-lesson to learn. but, with high salary lah. so i don't mind luhhhh...kerja susah susah sikit from the fcuking early in the morning until the night. kinda tiring. sob! anyway, thx to the best driver always picked me up side down. san-fu-sai lahhh dear, mwahhs.

3more months to go...... Awaiting for the college life. And then, there's another new life start. Ummmmm... best luck to me! cheers.

Wishlist of the month :

- Dennggggg! i wants to go for a Vacation so badly.
- Gaji banyak banyak!
- CNY coming sooon. i got lotsa stuff to buy. SHOPPING!
- Abang kelvin, aku nak photoshoooooooting!
- Topsales wannabe.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

05 Jan 2010

I'm officially 19th.

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y , P r u e !

Am the January baby. geeeeeeeeeeeeez!!
Special thanks to the love one who did a little burfday celebration for me.
Thanks guys for the wishes! Thanks vy much for the CakeS and presents.
The suprise gave from Joyce and ma colleagues. seriously shock me! make me sooooo damn touching..... happie ^^
Ohhh, much of thanks! satisfied!
Thanks Kelvin Tong for the burfdat present. appreciate it much, love!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

goodbye 2009.

Holla! hye peeps. thousand apologize for the very late update.
alla! aku busy sangat lah.
i'm here now sekali gus blog out everything.
i was like stop writing a blog for an age. i m seriously no idea what the fcuk to type over here.
picture post again. hahahahh... please enjoy your stay. (:

18 Dec 2009

had a vy great meet up with the 2 long lost friends. the ten years besties of mine!
heheheeheheh. Ms Angie & Phoebe, luv them. *chuuuuuuuuuuzz*

20 Dec 2009

oh yeaaa...
the third year anniversary with the boyfwen,
Awwww.... babe i love u!

i know u want me , u know i want cha.

24 Dec 2009

Jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the wayyyyy!
Christmas eve. What a sweeeeet date with the bf. XD

Santa? Santan?


28 Dec 2009

The Penang's darling Miss Awei came back to KL to pay a visit for us and the fellow fwens. had a great chit chat when the moment meeting her up. she turn so girlish nowadays! cool babehh. miss yar! oh yeaa..... the main point of the day! aha. follow the boyfwen went to their gathering planned with the ex halo-cafe staff at Sunway. hahah... the gangs of them was seriously a great laughing mates. they are so awwwwww... great, kind, sweeet, friendly! and Funnnnaaayy! nice meetcha. nice memories.

SnowFlake at Ss15. the best chilled out place for dessert!
ada 1st time mesti ada 2nd time. finger licking good desserts!

Clean & Clear!

i'm pro in acting.
Oh yeahh... Camwhore is a must for ma life!

saje.... hahhaaha!
my ohhh-finger and the heart shape cigaratte. Nice!

the boyfwen!

the chio'est gang i have met !!