Thursday, May 26, 2011


filled the days with endless wonder

you think the only people who are people
are the peoples out there who look and think like you
you'll learn things you never knew, good try
but, unpredictable future you never knew

never put trust on judging peoples how they do, but, we avoid to be.
you were always doing the best in my heart, you do. 

沒有想法 有想法又能怎樣
会不会是我年纪 太轻?

Monday, May 23, 2011

当我们每次背叛梦想   就有一部分灵魂枯萎
就算人生没有奇迹 生命也要发光!

近来 上上下下 很忙碌但是有限收入 :(
5月份 有很多很非凡的  惊喜娱乐动力与破费
人生最精彩的不是实现梦想的瞬间,而是坚持梦想的过程. 来 分享下我的近日

近日 跟一般无厘头的ex-course mates 一快聚会. 想念当初的欢笑

近日claim完汽车claim相机. 为我亲爱的小老公小老婆做小护理

近日 新书上架买了两本不错好书. 动力

近日airasia机票乱乱来.  惊喜+10

 近日 国际美容展览. 博杀了许多护肤品 回来. 破费

近日 排好了的行程景点加旅程. 动力

近日为友人策划婚礼也客串当姐妹淘. 真的是惊喜娱乐加动力

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


there is a feel. not to be reveal.
a hidden feels which is unopen. couldn't reveal the true feel.
 come to me close to you. a night without sleep an insomnia night.

live to express not to impress, prue.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Oh! My Pets

holla. it's a brand new day of the month of May. will be a pretty month for me, i guess 
can't wait for the trip fly over other places. aw. yeas, holidays month. 
still can't wait for it. *smirk*
back to the post of the day. yeaps, it's a offday between me and the boyfwen.
we choose to accompanies the baby pups of us instead of shopping.
brought our little baby off to the pet shop! aha.

Venue : No32A, (Ground Floor), Jalan Kuchai Maju 6, 
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur.

She is the pet of the owner'. named Cookie.
she is such a cute doggie, four years old, get pamper a lot. she turned fierce when others doggy get near to her.  as her owner mentioned she's only love being together with human instead of doggy friends. 

 Little Snowy. pure white chubby little pups.

 Baby Maltese. so elegant and quiet ! such a lenglui dog. haha
nice fur.
 playing all around with the pets during my little Kino bath.
they love me alot mannn ...

 seriously. why so so so cuteeee ahhh?

that's the owner of the pet shop. handsome Joseph!
( spot my little Kino on his hand. lol! he can smile so well to my camera weyy, mama loves u. lol to the max)

pretty good interior i would like to say. comfortable and adorable.

they love me and i love them. hearts.

 seee.... so so so many puppies. 
extremely happy!

the remix pups. (poodle papa + chiwawa mama)
came out a little poochi named Wasabi. LOL 

They selling alot of pretty accessories for the the doggy. kind of happiness dog.

Fei mui say hi to my readers :)

haha! even the sleeping post also looked cute.
she is Feimui, she love wearing dresses. oh so girly! 

shoes, bed, clothes, dresses, straps, pups-bottle, foods, snacks, body wash, accessories, etc.
will bring my doggy to came here more often. 

cute in small. 

  uniform? haha! it's all dresses for your doggy!

little boutique for the pups anyway.


here comes a picture with my baby.
Kino is in 4months old now. naughty boy.

blissfulness pets

 a little rest corner for the pets. haha. so cute!

they selling pets as well. grooming, bathing, spa for the your precious pets.
join them if you're a pet lover :) thanks heaps

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