Friday, December 31, 2010


Kiss good bye to 2010. yeap, there is two more days to go and we have to welcome the brand new year of 2011 to come. so, do enjoy the last two days of this year my friends.
alright talked about my December, it is a pretty awesome month i would like to say.
here goes an update with photos that summarized whatever i have been doing lately.

was having my final examination and presentation in the earlier of this month.
honestly, it's quite fcuk up man. been lacking sleep for few weeks. preparing all my school stuff exam stuff. i've been so busy for those days, stress till i can really cried out loud ...
come on look at my driving face as shown above. pity? always spending more than one hour driving on the road in the freaking early morning to college.

communication last lesson, a group photo with our adorable Miss Sue.
yeshh, is in a drama class that day. Our lecturer used to trained us standing up at the stage to talk or present. somehow, this is quite a good way for us too.
challenging my brave-ness. i just love our college, creative.

overall, this is our "group-annual-dinner". it's actually our lunch time.
spent for more than 300bucks for a lunch. please clap hand yo.

Here come my holidays start. hooray, it like finally.
and yeaa.. due to my heavyness school work i stop my part time job at
in short, i am having a short holidays right now. And obviously, it's all about X'mas festival decoration all around. i love Christmas! it meant so wonderfully yet peacefully to me. Anyhow, together with the boyfriend we spending most of our off days visited at those shopping whereby KL with their X'mas-decoration-theme to photograph bit. *winks*

Having dinner date with the bf's parent and family at PJ last few week ago.
They were all purposely came to KL all the way from Sarawak to visit at their son. This is the very first time i meet them since the bf's family were staying at the east side of M'sia. firstly, i was a little bit worried that they wouldn't like me, but the big smile on their face has meant it to me and solve it all. i do appreciated :)

17-19 Dec 2010.
Midvalley having "T&T" bridal fair and education fair.
we choosed to heading there at Saturday to pay a visit at the expo where held in MVEC.
To be honestly, it is quite happening and yet, my college is having their exhibit booth over there too. it is so crowded all around. we purposely went there to go visit at the boyfriend's ex-colleagues. traffic jam like hell while we driving all the way entering to the midvalley's parking bay.

Midvalley's teddy X'mas theme.

The bridal-expo is not so ordinary like others.
hence, it can considered the malaysia largest wedding company which is
TOM & TOUCH ( T&T) they combine together and held this event at the end of this year.
for the inquiry that i've found, they got more than 6,7 outlets with diffrent name of their bridal studio in the wedding field. awesome marketing.

Anyway, this is one of the bridal house which is under TOM as well.
and yeaaaa.... due to the boyfriend's famous-ness in this field. with no doubts the staffs where treat me super friendly too. i like them as my friends. they are all talented photographers, and super model, makeup-artist in KL indeed.
photo above credit to Tom's wifey, the boss lady. i meet her for several times before, she is just a pretty good wifey of the boss and she is real helpful. adorable, she will always gave a lovely smile to me when the every moment i meet her ;)

One-Utama X'mas Decoration. Little French Castle.

The Curve. Candy house X'mas theme.

Jusco Bukit Tinggi, nearby my house.
the X'mas theme is actually as simple as usual,
White X'mas tree. there is somewhere with the kindergarden's kids artwork.

Sunway Pyramid.

Sunway Hotel Resort

Chinese Solstice Festival.
mama boiled us tang yuen early in the morning.
evening time (dinner time),
booked a ballroom to have our reunion-dinner with the Eian families and my loving grandma at Ming Palace, Centro (皇宫)

photo abit, it's been some times i neglect my DSLR.
ohh, sadness.

After dinner straight then off to grandmama house.
family-reunion-days ma....
ate popo's handmade rice ball also called as "tang yuen" in mandarin

24,25,26 Dec
spending the 3days of the X'mas festival with the boyfriend.
yeshhh, precious 3days!
we giving help working as part time at Mr. Sijun's new outlet, Taste Better
at The Mines shopping mall. ehh, another good experienced for me to go through!
Thankiu Sijun. we have alot of fun!

According to the the previous The Mines that i have been went to
is actually about half year ago. i was remember that time the whole shopping mall which is became so so dull and yesss so parlia. but, its all change NOW! please give another clap.

ohh ya? why... from a such parlia shopping mall changed it into so so so fcuken crowded?
come on, for the inquiry that i researched, there is Singapore shopping mall developer named Capital Malls, Asia (CMA) has acquisition Mines. technically, Mines shopping has a big wrapped for it's appearance, renovated, re-painted it, highclass green-red light carpark.
Fundamentally, the management team of CMA has did a real good job seriously. during the public holidays or even peak season, you can really see a lot of family, traveler, aunty, uncle visit at Mines. they used to walk from up to down shop till they are drop.

So do visit at the Mines as if you are free :)

Taste Better Durian Puff.
( hot selling item!!!! )

(mix up ingredient - baked puff - pump puff - durian paste - cashier - waiter - promote)
i enjoyed the teamwork when we worked all together.
great feedback from customer :)

The next day, off to KLCC with the loves one in the early of the morning.
purposely, is to settled a little bit thingy. then, shopping time.

The X'mas KLCC

aw, louis vuitton.
to buy this probably i can actually wave away my my few months salary :'(
please F me if you like. branded slave.

Christmas gift exchanged with the boyfriend.
haha! Santa-Domokun from him. my favourite japan's cartoon.
my little bro like it more than me.... he jealous so much, LOL.

Yesshh, this is what i present him. 2011 schedule book.
has been used quite a long time to choose it.
basically, this is quite useful for a photographer as i thought.
inside is really clear about date column, monthly divider, note pages, world map, idd number, identity pages.
this might guide a forgetful + busy men to a further journey.
hope the bf would like it. <3

yeaapppyy. huge huge domokun <3

Friday, December 24, 2010

We wish you a Merry Christmas - Kenny G

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Winter Solstice Festival to everyone!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

the x'mas

a pic with my ex-colleagues.

10 more days to go.
Christmas is arriving to the town.
anyway i love christmas like alot.

Yet my lunar birthday fall on Christmas day.
perhaps, it could be another happiness in the Dec 25 this year?
i'm lovin' it :)

aw, exciting. this year should be fun? ohh yeap.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

marketing plan, sem2

hope everything goes smooth tomorrow.
our event. our booth. our hardwork.

exammmmmm week.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


打了一篇很長很長的 辭職信
於上週末 就把它 致於上司桌面

謝謝 上司, 同事們.
我榮欣因為你們教會了我 許多東西體會了人生很不一樣的經驗.

不!我還沒放棄我的事業. ;D

Thursday, December 02, 2010

my immortal, evanescence.

thanks for your precious click into blog,
to concern my life where still goes on.

i'm good, appreciated.