Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the caring

don't judge me if u don't know me well. u treat me gud i'll double pay it back fr u and i'll treat u nice too. don't ever step on my tails. fcuk off bitchie! respect is something u gv othe, n they gv u back. so if they don't .. jx leave them none starightly.! i wont care....
hell, school sportcheck day. wtf .. i nvr dye hair. my nails short. n i love my ears piercings. ahahh. n yet every student bring along their own handset .. liquidpaper. highlighter. marker. handsfree. mirror. so what?! outdated malay's government school. heheee. well, i am cool. ignore them straightly. don't u scare me la. jx u guys school-pefect reli wrk fr nth ma. thats wat belong's to our thing. i didnt simply took it out and play or what oso, rite.. so then i ignore everytin of it.. i do for my own rights ma. so, none of my thg kena.. thx god!
hell, SPM trial is nearly.... but who care. u know~ my sch teacher was jx knew to talk n talk again n again mention n mention dat spm is near.. IT IS NEAR! seriously they do nth fr our studies.! ishh i don't care lar. rather study at myself fr ths! palia government school ma.. ish. but, i still do vy well in my monthly examination-ed. ;) thx, god blesz!
da morning.
while, afte fin lessons. finished my wrks. n i was reading my novel thr quietly at my plc.
sudd, a gal which is my close fren comes forward 2 me n she is trying to chit chat with me but i was there bz fr my novel. so mk thts she may paiseh to talk with me.. hehee gal, am i such fierce to u meh? don sked me la k. . . haha. we are fren ma.. anytin to ask jx go ahead ask straightly. i may don mind. haha..
She had said that : Prue, u are changed.
then i ans : izit i chng pretty liao?
she said : haha. yala.. =X u look damn quiet recently. tak biase lar. whats goin on with u?
i ans : *i laughed* where got... i still da same mar.! owes talk craps. n she laughed. then i said aiya don worried i am fine alrite. jx i love to be cool mar. so talk lesser.
she said : owh .. yaya matured liao laaaa.. muahahha.
ur word seem lil sour. n honestly felt so pressure recently.. so quiet quiet de. ban cool! ahaha. but thx so so muchie i know u all still vy care on me. tq babes. yeap, i am happie! tq! eventhought jx a word but edi felt so warmful enuf with ur caring 2me ;)
jx now received a called frm my buddy..
ahahahaaa.. never know that his called was jx talking some girly's topic.. ahahaha. i still felt it was quite weird conversation with u... but thx la.!
so, nx time shopping i'll go take a look k.
ahaahahahahahaaaaa =D
chaos. lazy type liao ... go to go.
got claz at this evening. gosh! sobs!
but nice i can study togete den chill out togete with my gals again..
chaos ~

Monday, July 28, 2008

i hate monday!

books fr life, mph ~

bla blaaa.. Sino Net. *w/out make up. hell ! the big panda eyes.* @@

shout shout shout .. ktv ~
sing sang sung .. life of singing ~
starbucks .. life with coffee ~

erm yeap.. its monday agn. i didn't went school 2day. was like so tired n really sienz when face to da teacher .. lazy bump.! lols. i guess teacher were missin me alot lot ... haha.. actuali go or not go its da same fr me k.. teacher were teaching da same thing, talkin craps.. n my exam had finished so let me relaxing at home its much more better. lols.. no mood to goes sch and sitting thr fr da whole lesson of talkin bullshit. sienz !! haha so i prefer stay home sleep.. ZZZzz my schmate fon me afte tht. den headed out with them.. sob .. sienz too ;(
i still vy vy miss my sunday.!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

ladies talk ..

me ..

.. .. so long i had nvr update my bloggiez.. uhm, i was kinda busy fr these days. soriee. n since laz friday i hv went to my gal's hse stayed fr a day. so nvr reli hv free time to post my bloggie.
laz fri my schmate he pick me frm my plc to sunway, ah wei's wrk plc.. then i hv a met with ah wei at 4skin warehouse.. hehe our 1st met agn since so sooo long ago. muahaha. lols we had da couple wear at da 1st sight. we wore da same colour shirt n same colour pants. we nvr pakat one k. muahhahah. fate? lols. who know.. ee yeap actuali dat day i shud be hv a fwen's burfday celebration. but, they had cancel it. ish.. so at laz hv plan overnite at ah wei plc. at 1st plannin to shopp around eat around chat around walk around gaigai n clubb at da nite .. ishh but
he is there with us da whole evening! uhmm its okie, he bring us fr dinner n tong sui. neways thx ;) still nice when see u de. hm, as what i've mention we are still fwens wat... yeap, vin you seem happiness rite now.. agn da word fr eu appreciate what u got it rite now k. and, hahaa.. thx ya wei. i gt fun there with u.. we chit chat all nite long.. ahah... lols. she share lotsa thing with me.. then i share my things my sadness with her.. chat chat chat. yeap, gurls pillow talk arh..
hehee .. sleep togete afte that. phew ~ da nx day ah wei gotta attend claz @ her college. so she let me slp til d noon at her plc.. movie afte dat with my fwen.. hahaa. bought egg-tarts agn. but not nice one. met wei n havin lunch togete afte tht. ee yeap, dude u really seem funny n cute and wat da big business man u are... ur fon calls owes lot-nye... ops. hehe. did u act like gentleman? or u seriously gentleman... he owes opened doors fr me n wei. ahahahaa. but tQ la k! lols.. n well, so so soriie about da toilet gossip'ing issue... hehe i knew u heard da conversation of me n wei geh.. don jia jia ler laa.. opss.. =X
em yea yeaa, thx everyitn ya dude ... hohoo

Thursday, July 24, 2008

thursday ~

yoyo ..
its thursday agn ..
tell u i hate thursday !!
u know why? k.. well, ignore it dun ask me why.!
2day havin stupiak exa
m. hell ! i hate it. my mind is freakin blank with answer those stupiak tough ques. omg! *pray pray* hope i will not getting fail in any subject *pray pray* but, i still love my geography paper. its simply ez fr me to answer all it. haha. ee yeap, i am kinda moody recently. depressed ;( i talk vy less at da classroom.. seem my classmate pun tidak biase with my quiet attitude lo. ahah! ^^so now u guys feel dat i am important rite now.? um, k lor now i know that sumtime i am so damn annoying de =X
after i finished sch .. one of my fren sms me they say cumin sch pick me fr lunch afte that hehee ..u la owes gud owes rmbr me, thx. afte clean up myself i headed out with them. ahaha..afte been nvcl then i hv went to da bookstore to had search over sum books. time passin faz fin readin. went 2bought my fav ever egg-tart at Lavender. whoaa..yumm afterall, we had sum fun at ktv. yoyo shout out loud !! 'apple botton jeans .. fur fur .. she hit da floor ..low low low low ' =.='
p/s : to sumone, the Mr. XX do not luan luan upload any of mine idiot video k ya ! haha !!
wtf !! i am havin my exam rite now lea ... still enjoying ~?!!! ahaahahhaaa .. my life .. blind ! ish ! =l

(my pic? editin .. shall upload later. so, stop askin fr pic k)

i saw this sentences at a book tht i hv read over.. and i found that it was simply nice n meaningful ..



lols !
but i still love it. nice word right ....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

not luvship but friendship ... thx walk thru my life

i hate ..

back stabber
bull shit
fuck off

the brokened promises of Love ..

but, thx ya loving fr so long ..
no ones love hurt.
no ones will care for u afte u get hurt badly.
time cure everything.
ur greedyness mk my heartache badly.
i wont mind about ur blindness.
no ones right or wrong at da way in love.
thats ur choices, i respect.
but i will forgive about everytin. thx, u bring me grow up.
so please,
appreciate ur nx love.
hope everytin goes smooth between u both.
pls be happie all da time.
u still my ever best fren.
u still da ever bf who sayang me da more.
we trust "yuen fen" at da laz,
thx u hv walk thru my life agn n agn.
emuuahss . . .

i'll truthly apreciated what u've gave b4 ..
i'll truthly let it go ..

best wishes to u.

i am still who i am

goooood-bye my loveeee . . .


yii lynn

i dont want it anymore !

dont think
dont miss
dont cry
dont want
dont love
dont appear
dont hate
dont sad

ignore it !
yii lynn ,
owes smile
my life will still goes good de =)
stop think of it
stop it stop it
stop it ~ ~
be happie be tough

Monday, July 21, 2008

是你 都是你

拥有了却在同时 又不晓得失去什么
你还紧紧地抱住我 给我关怀.
矛盾的那瞬间, 真的感觉幸福还是存在
为什么分手那么久我对你的爱还是那么深 ?

梦希望没有尽头 . . .

Saturday, July 19, 2008

J, enjoy ur journey of ur life.

the Mr. pilot fetch u out away.
u fly away. oversea.

you are far from me now.
buddy, take care there =)

"when u're lost,
go somewhere new. meet someone new. do something new."
owes be happiee .. lifes may still goes vy vy good in ur future.
da best way to make ur dream come true is to wake up and get everyting done. do well at ur job.
ee yeap, it is gud u try everything in ur life.
best wishes for u, buddy.

promised.. 3 years frm now.
hehe. add oil in everyting.
miss u owes k ..

Friday, July 18, 2008

pupuu Car

dearest ,
kinda happiee to got da chance know u more.
glad to be your fren.
is reli happie when with you.
can stil rmbr
we meet several times at bfore
i've sit at u for edi several times.
ur owner let me da chance to sit at u, n drove u. i appreciate da chance.

i knw i dun have da best driving skill.. but i've try my best to protect u my dearest.
u bring us to Gary kim safetyly that nite.
at da once of our 1st touched

i've gv u Suprise.
but ,
i knew . . .
its is hurting u badly enuf during da corner.
i did
scratchin ur beautiful body.
there is a scar thr on ur body rite now.
u are no more leng zai as like bfore.
u took away my 1st time scaryness.
the ever 1st time in my memories.
i mk u unhapppie
i mk u pain.
i mk u sad.
i mk ur owner get mad.
i mk ur owner felt heartache.
i mk ur owner disappointed.
but ur owner is kind enuf! thou knew he is heartpain but he never ever scold on me. but stil gv me thousandly supports, comfort me. thx buddy.
u mk my heartbeat faster at da right moment when during da corner .
u rather protected me by hurtin urself and get fight with ur "brother" who simply parkin at da roadside.
i can heard u cried silently afte it happened
agn soriiee. i admit my drivin skill stil da worst.
i swear
i try to be best ever driver nx time fr u.
i swear,
i'l drive kfully nx time
from now on i'll sayang u muc muc more n da more.
i swear
i truthly luv 2be wif u
it is reli pressure-less when drivin u at the everytime.
i appreciate u walk thru my life gimme da chance

So so soriiee ...

悲伤, bye bye ....

不是我不爱你 别瞎猜
不是我想放弃 只是很怕会辜负了你
不是我不相信 有未来
不是我想逃避 只是会担心
我的个性 因为越爱 越想要呼吸
只怕对不起你 会变成再次伤害

总觉得这都是 以前的我。。
很小姐脾气 处处要人迁就。。 哈哈
但,我变了.. 我放下了好多好多东西
我要你默默走 不回头





等待 ,
下一站 . . .

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

phew ....
at da..... final finallly i've finished all da idiot f*cking stupiak history project laz nite... phewww.. its bit proud of maself i did it jx at a nite k.. aahah. cool... =P

so... tchr, am i a good gal enuff? =D so guys yeap gv a claps fr me, pls. tqtq =P i am kinda hate those bullshit wrks k "samore thts was sejarah
tim" awwww =.= honestly lazygal i am.. i hate sch work. but i luv homework de. cz of makin all this stupiak stuff..
i lack of sleep. eye pain. acne grow. coughing.
hell.!! history.. i hate it 99.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

E x a m m m . . .

there was still 8days ...

n my monthly exam is soon to be coming.. omg. ughhh ... lifes is owes so suxx .. what for we used to study?! why we need to sit fr da stupiak examination?! wtf with da stupiak sch.. ishhh .. suffer.. i am so so soooo blank with my studies lately.. gosh! cant believe how i gonna to sit fr da exam .. god helps.!! my SPM is getting near...
u..ghhhhhhhhhh.. hell, i am really gonna to cries out loud.. i need a shoulder, i am kinda stressing! damn it. damn it ...

leave a deep impression on someone , and u'll be remembered forever ...

ee yeap i am back..
heheee ..i m jx havin a short holis at ipoh. hehe i still vy vy loves my new housiiee.. thou stayin thr fr jx a short moment.. ishh.. cz no choice i got to sch here so i got to back klang agn ...
uhm ....
thousand thousand thousand apologize to my ji muis .. so so soriieeeeeeee gals

@ 1st ..
one of my classmate she invite me to her burfday at 1st. she havin a burfday celebration at laz saturday .. but with da reason cause i m goin to ipoh so i've missed it da party, ktv with u gals.. sorie k. dun angry me lurr.. ='(
Wish yaa.. - happy 17th burfday to u, Juling -

the 2nd ..

sunday, my ji muis askin me to have a meal, gatherin togete at my gal, cheryl's house.. they edi inform me at earlier but agn with da reason i m havin my holis at ipoh so.. i cant join.. so so so so soriiie my dear. hopes ya my dearest ji muis dun mad of it k =)

ehmm =D i was having great holis at ipoh ..
here sum pics ..

=) a smile can really hide a million million of sadness.
holiday-ing ...
ahahh.. c me ?
tie-hair. look yucks mannn
spot this ..the Sunway city @ ipoh. =D

peace! V

=) i smile owes too

jx there apart of my life =) thx everytin thx god

i was reli bz for ths day n its mk me felt bit lazy to blogin around.. =(
ehemm ..

feelin to talk back about da nite, laz thurs.. J came my plc n pick me to sunway hehee he knows that i am kinda in bad mood recently so he was like so kind treatin me owes pick me here n thr brin me out brin me eat ..
- k. skip - em, afte we met up wif hc n his's gal we havin dinner togete at kimgary@ sp da night. well .. J was da ex-staff of kimgary.. so dat our dinner got lots of discount .. ahahh thx lu. hehee..

aihss.. da whole nite our dearest hc .. was like so so moody and damn damn quiet, tak biase la dude.. nx time luan bit k. aihs ... afte havin a short conversation wif his gal then oni i realised tat sumtin on goes on them .. ughhh, love sux?! =l
im soriie wif it, i've knew wats goin on with u guys.. jx tk it ez k.. support ya.!

ahem hem.. actuali da main main main thg i used to mentioned is : hehe, i hv met my ever fav girls annie n awei at @ sp. whoaa... hehe its was like amazin. so so great to see them.. how long we nvr met up i miss u gals muc muc muc! =D so damn got "yuenfen". ahah let goes wif da story startin ... its about ten sumtin at da nite .. i was on my way to halo cafe to search fr my babe hehe actuali i've plannin to gv him a suprise. seriously its, failed! aih how sad.. nvm, its okie. well continue ma story. afte afew minute i walk out frm kimgary suddenly. i saw 2 gals. ehemm 1 of them luk like wei .. but, i dun believe with my stupiak mind cz its nite ehm i might watched wrong..i guess. so dun care i still cont my walk at da path thru Cafe .. ahahh when thr is da nearest distance between us i'm vy sure da both dats my gal. hehee.. i shout their name.. whoaa so great. excited. i huggies up with annie at da path .... ahahah. did u know tht i .. .. really really .. ..
miss u all damn muchiee!! ee yeap, nvr met fr so long.. i havin da ever greatest chat togete with them .. o, thx god. letting us meet =)

da late at nite.. i hv received a sms.
yea, sorie for that my dear. and... i knows sumtin shit will thr goes on me .. but, its okiee =)

i accept all it. maybe ma lifes is still there full with colour in ma future. live fr today hope fr tomoro. be smart enuf to know that decisions about who gets ahead in life it was not owes based on fairness.

Friday, July 11, 2008

再 见

幸 福 再 次 远 远 的 离 开 我
只 因 为 爱 我 都 明 白
少 了 你 的 手 背 我 的 生 活 的 确 不 习 惯
... 爱 累 了
但 给 你 的 爱 是 永 远 不 晚
爱 情 总 是 难 舍 难 分

很 想 当 初 随身 带 着 一 把 剪 刀
把 所 有 我 们不 爱 的 画 面 都 剪 掉

那 是 否 我 俩 会 更 过 得 好
但 爱 累 了

心 应 该 就 此 停 在 这 路 口
伤 心 总 是 难 免 的
是 爱 情 的 ;友 情 的 都 可 以

赐 我 一 杯 忘 情 水 换 我 的 眼 泪
谢 谢 你,
我 会 好 好 的 过

我 的 生 活 ;我 的 一 切
就 从 开 始 .....
时 间 一 直 去 回 忆 是 真 美 丽
给 你 远 方 的 祝 福。

Thursday, July 10, 2008

我们的爱 ?

我们的重来。是命运如此安排?无法离开的爱 在一起的这些日子我俩过得不好不坏 只是好像少了一个人存在 而我渐渐明白 你仍然是我不变的关怀 有多少人值得再等待 当爱情已沧海桑田 我又会否还有勇气去爱 当懂得珍惜以后回来 却不知那份爱 会不会还在 我的心在颤抖我最深爱的你 释怀说了太多就成真不了 爱我的总让人觉得无奈 你说依赖是我们的阻碍 努力改变自己。。再重来 可能会有精彩 但你给的再重来 难道真的不会再失败 若再失去跌倒的痛却还是自己 前进的方向还存不存在。 男人女人, 是否我们总是 徘徊在心门之外。但我不管 决定 提起勇气让我们一起再去爱。





Monday, July 07, 2008

good good morning .. huhuu da 1st time i went to da StarbucksCoffee at so so so early in da morning ... if there with my fav hot mocha latte.. hmM!sweEt! been there with my 2buddy-brothers. ahaha.. actuali it was quite fun .. as u know it was so so early in da morning n thr was stil customer-less =D hm .. well .. hiak hiak .....thr was anothe day i drove along my fren car to thr hahaa thx ya muchie for lending da car ...tQ! there was a thg flashing off my mind agn n agn : ehmmm my ex-babe sms me laz midnite.. ee yeap, i miss him for sure. his msg owes warmed my heart .. he give caring .. he told me that he was missing me at da nite .. chance.?change.? =) thx neway, babe. i'l appreciate what u gave bfore ....uhm =) okies, afteall ... dream..snap pic.. we go for da movie HanCock *thumbs up* it is a nice movie.. yupz, it was stil lots of thg cheer me up brings me happiees.i enjoyed my day. thx lots.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

.. huhuuu

i had been spending my dinner over ma dearest buddy home wif a few frens tonite.. heheee her mum prepared us steambot. thx auntie... delicious-ed .. yummy. while when i was eating ..
da lil baby ..Donoven my ever favorite baby he keep on hit on my ass wif his small hand n then show me off with his lil tougue ... blueks =P hmgg naughty de.. hahaaa.. but its okie, nvm la .. jx let it be.. coz he is damn CUTE!! hehe unfair ? (^^,)

thts da lil donoven. lols =D

i luv him =D

actuali da main main point .. da main main character is ma fren's brother the long man's burfday. so far.. i kenal his family was edi quite a long time lerr .. so his family owes vy vy welcome us went to their hse.. nice, warmful family i ever met.. hm? the long man.. hehee .. nth special reason with it just coz he is tall! lols.. so with a nick's : long man. ehem, i've chit chat along with dat guy during we steambot-ing hahaa i've asked him .. "wei how come u are so so tall? what u eat? teach me lea.. look , i m damn short.. aihss so pity de. " hahahaahaa lols u know what did he ans? "egg. eat egg every morning i m sure u will grow taller than now.." haha speechless me. *laughing all around* den i ask.. "u sure can tall ge ma? i back home try lur, u pls dun bluf k! if not i whack u gar..." hehe~ his turn speechless.. lols. afteall, the long man burfday celebration begin ^^ .. we sang song fr him, clap hand, we capture foto togete, he make wishes, blow candle, sliced cake .. hehee happie belated burfday to you, long man. he looks happiee =) haha.!! well, i am happie enuf too ;)

Friday, July 04, 2008

enjoyed, thx jay ..

=) xie xie ni .

ee yeap .. tq. i can even had a smile .. i can laugh 2day. thx fr givin me all this.. haha appreciate. arrigatto.
hehee... thx so much, friends'. he brin me goes all da place i want .. he release my sadness .. he let me drove his car .. da new car neh ~ prettygud. nice car.. i love dat car... vrooommm .. i drove all around. thx o.. haha em, i got da free s.recipe cake as my ehemm.. supper too lols.! =D waa, really thx-nyee. haha da whole day i was like i keep tq tq tq to him .. until he felt abit like aiyarrr stop sayin those thx words ler =X anyways, thx u guy's .. ee yeap i shud be felt grateful cz i hv been surrounded with lots of nice fren .. they cheer me up all around. frens gv supprt when i am down. touchin ~ he took me togete ktv ... "muahahaa shout it out/loud*..... the nite .. he tryin hard to search all da way cz he wasn't went thr often so he might confusin abt da way to be thr n brought me to da puchong lil hill.. cz i nvr went thr b4 n he know i luv thr.. wow, it was so nice nice nice view thr, what a cold nite ..but enjoyed much! agn arigatto.. unforgetable =)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


給我最後微笑 好不好 我也知道 眼淚也不是解藥
擔心以後 要一個人走 愛變傷口 天長地久
時間有盡頭 總能夠再回首 變溫柔
千言萬語難開口 還壓在眉頭 卻要放開手

忘了多餘的內疚 別忘了愛過就已足夠
沒有不了的情緣 總會有人要先走
忘了動搖的時候 別忘了淚水不會白流
沒有不了的擁有 卻有回味在心頭 最終會變醇酒

Tuesday, July 01, 2008