Monday, June 29, 2009

Happiee 21st burfday dear.
may all your dream comes true.
all the best in life (:
mwahss ... with love and hug.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

recent happening


if you can't be content with what u received, be thankful for what u had escaped.

challenges aren't supposed to paralyze you. they're supposed help u discover who you are. mirror are two sided for a reason, one side is reality and the other one is the life you wish you had... but let me tell you guys .. in my life's i always wonder if it could have been worse or better... what was misses what was gained. and now i realized that it could always be worse. so, always be happie for what i have that other's don't.

ewww ...
some people were always grumbling because roses have torns, come on be lahh thankful that da roses have torns so that it will always be protected. being human we'll always be tested in life. challenged. ewww ... smile...

alright, thats all for the post. geeeezzz...
end up my ariticle by sharing some recent photos . chaos.

Super GT International Series @ Sepang

CYC babes

the last day at da working place of mine.

i love coffee banyak banyak with da foam99 at da top ...
da last cup of my handmaking.
ewww... Cappruecino.

gudbye Biz. gudbye dear ...

day out with da sweetie sisters of mine

ta-taa. bye ...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

yesterday once more

u may forgot this. but, i still remembered. and i smile ...
i smile because it happend.

" if i'll just got a chance to choose wheather breath or love you. I"ll will keep my last breath to tell I .... LOVE YOU "

给你的话 ...




他的眼神已说出他的心 ,
他的回忆 清除得不够乾净...

无须勉强的安慰我 , 说那奇怪的理由...

... ... 别说还有感觉

你我要的是 什麽 ...

不要说 你爱我 你想我 ...

不愿去爱 没有答案的结局
有种 真爱 不是我的 ....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


i love i hate ,
my love my fate ,
you will fade away.

no thanks, unsecured.

She is sick.
She is so upset.

may god bless her, give her the best thing in her life.
hoping life goes smooth.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


excuse me ...

isn't fun fighting at my chatbox?
hye, who are the one who immature?! HELL.
don't spam over here please.

in between u guys want argue ... please be straight forward and don't act like kid in my place.

please lahh shut the fcuk up!
i said PEACE.


BEST colleagues

working day.alright, now ehemmmm my break time...hahaa!
in call with da beloved one.
she did told me something.

come on ...
hahahaha... guys, u really did a shit rumours.
stop making me laugh at useriously who were da one begin this war?

please, ignore this.
PEACE, 3.02pm

Monday, June 08, 2009


空气中散发的 新鲜

但, 随着风一起吹过我的 每天的每天

也许暂时 不是 太喜欢复杂的 生活

随缘 ...

Thursday, June 04, 2009


hemmm ...

my dance class. i'm still wondering ... haihhh. idea please...

- belly dance
- or modern jazz

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


一阵莫名 感动


我知道你 可能还会上来 我的部落
干嘛 生日也没给我知道 呢?


尴尬咯 ... 哈 ...


wednesday , the bad day.

( peace! the post been autodelete in just 24hours... )


How I wish that you'd use your sincerity to wipe away the pain in my heart. things that you've given out will always never be equal to what you receive. can u ever just give me a promise to use da whole life, to exchange for my life-long happiness...? be grateful of what i had now. thx who surrounded by myside

i've been single for 1month.
gratz to me ...

picture post . my outing . my off-day!


my love . my pinkie pinkiee

hahaa ... i don't like this

after work. face pale

please fill this with colour

my off day partner ... my best sista

i don't look good

she sayang me a lotlot
i'm younger. but i look hack old

Annie . Qi . moi

Daorae Korean Restaurant , USJ
cheryl, da night accompanies partner ... we talked byk byk when chilling out!
hearts eu 99

goooodnight people. with love and hugs.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


alright, this will be just an random thought.

the life's at Biz. mama miaaaa ...... it's pretty fun! but, day by day it's getting ehemmm sometime lahh it is really worse. sucks til the max. the boss tot that we are the superduper gengg robot? helo, kita human taw tak ?! i human taw? ehemm.. peace.
and 1thg i am gonna to shout out vy vy loud over here... i found that recently, i'm just freaking HATE the Mr.D of da workplace of mine. awwww dumb ass... "lu ingat lu boss ke..?" aduiii ... no doubts. don't care lahh your maybe stupid minded. to be honest, the laziness of him is freaking obvious. maybe because he is AM? blah blah flaaa flaaaaaaaaa ... duhhh ... okay u sangat suka complain about ppl business ke? come on show ur talent to me lah. and, prove it to us lahh. then i will claps99 for eu. geeez! alright alright ... i'll just be peaceful n i stand for the right. the right side one. xoxo. not too worries i will not so care about the conflict stuff kat bizZ , geeeeeez!

ehem.. we should just love our enemy as well. peace