Monday, September 29, 2008

pretty boy .

can u feel my life ....

there'll be time whenever u sat down alone and to think about ur life ,
it never stop suprising.
life was just like a piece of plain paper, u should paint it with colour ...
but do rmbr, don't overdo it .

i was busy for those day. n sorry for my late updated.
unfeeling well for these few day.. lack of sleep
ee yeap, imma in holidayssss now. =)
afte raya holis then will be my exam. exam.. exam......
grrRR..... headache.

课本 . 小说 .... 傻傻分不清楚 .

玩乐 . 上课 ..... 傻傻分不清楚 .

hye guys ... click @ the url below please
and ... look at the video. awesome ~

so " lum " lahhh wehhhhhhhhhh ........

i'm jealous sial ~

男人 女人 求婚方式
还有 杜德伟 突然间出现 还唱着 [嫁给我]
还有 还有 那个男的送鲜花
还有 还有 还有 那个男的还在大庭广众跟她 表白
是感动到 ~

浪漫到 ~
那男的 也是蛮有 心思两下的。。。
three months de guy planned for this kayy ...
aiye ..... damn it touching lah.
and it was like so so romantic. maybe dramatic ?!
check it out. >>

Saturday, September 27, 2008

laugh more okayy =)

nth much about today... here my posts.

exam . lunch . headed out . sunway . egg-tart . loklok . jusco . dinner . bookstore . PDI . chaos .

thats all fr the day.

check this out .

it is damn it funny .... omg
ee yeap, i laugh like a mad for these seriously... lols

thx yar Sam.


imma sleepy... chaos

my bedtime,
goodnites fwens . mwahhs ..

Thursday, September 25, 2008

...sigh !

errrRR .. yay yay!!
my trial had been just over. ahaha i m free now.
ermm actually nope , should be end at dis friday lahhhhh.
just because
Friday, our school could be retake Accounting test.
............... sigh
stupid school stupid ppd.

well, today da laz paper.. maths. owwwwww..
gosh! so shit. worst!
i felt that i wasn't put lots of my best for it. its terrible hard for me to ans.
i seriously hate maths alot. my maths was like so shit ~ ass! i do not memorised all da formula everything. aihhs... the question everyting was like so damn it tough. aiye.. i dont do it well man. haha. especially paper2... damn it hard wehhh. heheee i just knew to drew those graph thingy... i hate counting.
grrR ....calculator for me pun useless man.
i do hate mathematics vy vy much!!! ehem.
and well, i know i can't pass this paper. sigh!
hmmmmmmmm. fine,
bcz it's over .. forget about it.

it's okayy for that.
and what my mind is

i want
" !! "

okayy. brb, went for my class now.
see yaa, chaos

..... ♥ .....

Monday, September 22, 2008


it is ...


what a heavy rain sunday.
a very very '' 倾盆大雨 ''
my planed had been jx break out.
pheww ..
no swim , no jog .... owww raining heavily here.
Well , i am out of mood headed out too.
hmm ...
baca buku baca buku. to prepared for my tuesday test.
gar-yao. gar-yao.

currently, i am really very freaking bored with my
long straight hair wehhhhh ~
i am wondering whethe cut it short onot ...
Aiye ...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

.... hye hye you youuu ...

Dearest friends ,

i'm currently switch back to my maxis num.

while both DiGi line n Maxis i am still using. try not to delete my fon number kayy...

pm me as well to get my maxis number ..

some random pic i took it just now ...
ahahaaaaa. such a SOHEM wehhh ....

phewww . . .

sunway . dinner . movie . babylon . bored movie man . eggtarts . sms-ed awei . oldtown . supper . hw called . clubb poppy . chill out . yumcha . mocha white coffee . fulled . can't sleep . teehehee . msn . online . surf-ing da net . researched . blogging . lack of sleep . omg . nervous . tuesday economy test =X .

T o m o r r o w - S U N D A Y

i am wondering whether choose to
* jogging or swimming ? *

hye, it's late. and imma tired man ~

my bedtime ...
goodnites!! mwahss.

the real love is unexplainable

it's 20th agn of the month.

ehemm .. time flies pretty fast.. w0hooo..
it's been a minute to let me grow
thx for da every great thing that surrounded by me @ right this moment. i do appreciated. my life's still goes gud. god may give u the best thg ever if u do trusted in fate.

to my ex :
if da bright light blinds ur eyes please stop and think twice to be in loved. never ever fool in love.
不要忘记,你的心不真 那对方的心 也不会是真的 ....
real love is always unexplainable.

to myself :
remember ur past. never hideously repeat the same mistake that u've once make... it is stupidity. life in a world of ur own.. and try to learn from them. it's unpredictable how destinity leads the 2 hearts. but when there's one left. should let it go bcz it's over. chase for the new ones @ future ...


aiye . . .
i got da sore throat ... no sound man ... goshh!
i get da teribble 热气。aihh sienzz...
sobsob! no more ktv

ahahahahahaa Mr. Shawn bought me porridge last night.. haha. such a caring dude. tqtq.
he was also bought me wif a loads of throat medicine, chinese medicine and some lozenges. ahahha he is cute, isnt? lols. tqtq, sayanggg yar =)

还会有人顿时想起我 买碗粥来给我耶 。。
是还蛮感动两下的. xD

我的心也因而温暖了起来... =)


owhhh yeaaa. here's my bloggie for u
hahahaaa... he sudd fon me at the late of the night to ask me just to wish him a happy birthday word.
hahhaaa. cute dao ~

p/s: everyone here pls gv a vy sincerely birthday wish to Mr.Shawn

Happiee Happieee Birthday !!

( Tomorrow, 20th. wil be his chinese burfday )

Thursday, September 18, 2008


- i damn love this chio rosesearing -




last subject of this week :

hmm.. night mare had just started! urghhhhhhhhh ~
i've received d nasional service form from my school this morning... grrR !!
what the hell man.. banyakkk SuiiSiao ~
my sweet eight-teen will be gone ~!! owhhh fcuk !!

last month : a sms from idiot government >>

[ taniah ... anda telah dipilihi menyertai PLKN 6/2009! ]

fcuk. aku tak mau join lahh. please, don't taniah pada sye !!

owwwww. i am freaking mad with it... WHY ME ~?!
i've told my mum. i am gonna to skip this. haha. She seem agree... ahahh. half year to stay at the stupid plc lehh. no delicious food to eat. no homemade dishes to eat. no nice soup to drink. no aircond when sleep. no internet. no shopping. no nightlife. no gaigai. no sayangness. no caring. ishh .. i will vy miss my mom that time. hmm. miss my everything a lot lots lots okayy.

owww... freedomless.. i don't want. i don't want !!

ignore about the NS stuff.

yeap, holidays sooooonerr ~
coming Tuesday will be the next paper, economic... heyaa ....
then, Wednesday will be the last paper of the spm trial.

yay yay ~
the last paper: MATHS!
my mind was blank with these. aiye i can't really do well in my maths ... sibeh sibehh diffcult to answer in paper2.. i am lousy in counting! i hate +x%#$~


..... to release tension ....
i've did this >>
ktv once a week
jogging once a week
gaigai once a week
starbucks once a week

j-co once a week
hahahaaaa. pokaii ~
my atm pokai seriously!


berfoto-foto of the week :

- chio earrings -

such a OL ..

my ever bestie.

handsome Prue... ahahh
ishhh ^^

we aren't couple.


ahahaha.. the office hour
his impatient face!

* chaos *

Sunday, September 14, 2008

时间. 不够用

Monday . trial . morning . bored . nervous .

sigh. . .
tomoro, will be having my Accounting examination. owhh my goodness...

add oil to me =)


Sunday . wakiee . lunch . blogging . revision . notes . dinner . chill out . popo hse . cousinsss . darlings . tang lung festival . i miss my leng auntiess . family day's . mooncake . bedtime .


Saturday . wakiee . oats . Shawn . eggtart . online . suffering of menstruation pain 99 . emo . online . dinner with mumii n sis . chill out midnite ktv . tired . 6am mcD breakfast . home sweet home . bedtime .


Don't Mess Up with SPM Trial.
it's totally hard thou... need to work harded !! still 4 sub to go .... 加油加油

15 Sept - accounting
18 Sept - science paper 1&2
23 Sept - economy
24 Sept - maths paper 1&2 (p/s : i banyak hateeeeeee maths!!!)

after all i'm gonna find my darling besties to chill out for shopping shopping shopping shopping shopping shopping n shopping ...
damn long long time i never even buy my own a cloth or even a stuff lahh.
i miss shopping !! and clubbing ~ i'm addicted in dress recently. so sweet so leng lui lahh when a girl Dress up.. ahahaa. i don't often wear dress.. instead of good mood lahh.. ahahahahaa~ well, i am addicted with it lately .. owww. so sweet so pretty

Saturday, September 13, 2008

the sincerely

read below . . .
that's wat he pass for me during we chit-chat-ing @ msn.
aih.hhh.. 男人男人.
what for you treat me as good . . . hmmmm =(
ahaha. he owes did a lot to me. he make me touched. hahaa ~
哭笑不得 lahh ...
thx anyway thx everything =)
你 真 是 大 笨 蛋 !

[ MSN ]

Sh@wn says:

也許愛情是火花 會墮落 會消失 卻曾經漂亮

沒有誰當贏家 只是輸了一點籌碼
我也傷心過 我也失望過 我也曾經害怕
但我也愛過 努力過 卻傷了心啊

* Prue says:

感触到。。唉。何谓..爱 ~

Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.
let it be a pass. a memories i could have. and
maybe i should learn to be grateful that what should i have right this moment.

Don't try so hard, the best things come when you least expect them to.

Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people at before we meeting the right one, so that
" when we finally meet the person, we will kn
ow to be more grateful !! more appreciate for each other."


Thursday, September 11, 2008

happiee mid-autumn festival


my history paper2 even paper 1 lah .... sei ngang ~

cham. while, i can imagin my history teacher fierce face right now. omg !

yay!! yay !!

finally... end up a week of exam by today.
pheww ~
while, got da short short break =P
mooncake festival soon ... ermm. it's at cumin sunday i think.
bla bla bla blaaaaaa ~

i damn damn misss with my cousins. nieces. nephews. owwww miss them lots babe.
we gotta play tanglung...
see fireworks... i'm
addicted in playin candle v fire owes lah... ahahaa.

yeap.. tomoro

friday . rest day . k book .

sigh. suffer for the following weeks too.. waiting for da nx paper.
hmmmmmmmmmmm.... cham lerr my maths.
cham ler cham ler !!


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

owwww my form5 life ...

Not every exchange has to be profound to be important.
do well. try hard. thats all.

i've did these same thing agn agn and agn and agn these few day ..
super duper hyper boring ......
Boringgggggg !!

wake up. study. exam. jogging. sleeping. online. eating. tuition.

grrrR ...

hehehee Jason's candy make my tongue bleeding dis morning. owhh fcuk. 流血叻。。
pain T.T
okay.. anyway not Jason fault lahh. heheeee. bCz of coffee ..
i get a highly 热气

tmr sejarah paper 2 ..... i hate sejarah .....

i hate history ~
owwwW ... die hard!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

when you eliminate the impossible, however improbable, whatever remains must be the truth ™

exhaust for the recent life. exam make me so so .... freaking tired.
hmmm. i'll do my best anyway =) i'll try to fight against in studies life till the successful path way.

You are way too sweet MR.S
LOL to our date.
LOL to the love guru. " e-i-e-i-o " 
LOL to the drinks, winter love.
LOL to the sunday celebration of Wei's burfday.
LOL to the moment when with u.

Pretty Sweeeeeet Harmonies =X

Anyways, appreciated with thanks a million =)
you're the nice guy i've mentioned as always. thanks treating me as gud as i never ever thought. thx, for your understanding. you caring to me. you listen to me. you joke when i am mad. tqtqtqtq ;) you make me touched. you took my breath away. you are cute sometime. glad that.
I have to live with myself and so,
I want to be fit for myself to know.
I want to be able as the days go by
To always look myself straight in the eye.
I don't want to stand with the setting sun
And dislike myself for the things I've done.
I can never hide myself from me
I see what others may never see,
I know what others may never know
I gain the experinced that others may never meet.
I can never fool myself and so,
Whatever happens I want to be

Self-respecting and conscience free!

Let us time to gain our happiness ; )
life moves pretty fast,
if you don't stop and look around once in awhile,
u'll never know whats probably be happening.

thanks the everything, u made.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


yarr .. i feelin to blog right this moment
" thx everytin. thx da acpny lah. u're sweet "
sleep tight later okay =)

When you meet someone new, give them time to show you who they really are.

People are very different on the inside than what their outside appearance may lead you to believe -- of course this is not news to you, but it's something to keep at the front of your mind, today. When you meet someone new right now, you need to go way beyond not judging this book by its cover. You will need to go ahead and read a few pages before you make any conclusions about who they are and what they could bring to your life. Give them respect, and some of your time.

spm trial
cumin this friday...
will be start my 1st paper, geography.
shall wish all the best in my examination.
i will work harder ..

okay.. i am sleepy
laziee to blog around. heheee...
miss ya. chaos..
good nightz..

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

without fireworks as long as stars still shining at the night sky.


merdeka eve..

headed out sunway walked around n shopping along there myself at da evening .. heheee. at firstly i'm plannin to got my fwens burfday present.. there is so muchhhhh of my kinda fwens were September babies. i'm almost like eye blur while choosin present. but i shopp fr sooo loooong counldn't buy myself even a stuff. sigh. hmm..

so great.. so fate, so ngam .... met ah loon there sudd. he is alone thr...
chill out, hav a dinner wif him togete da nite @ Garykim... hehee, both of us chit-chat-gossip there togete. ahaaa~ hmmm well, i realised he is a nice fren too. den we walked agn @ pyramid to search over a fwen's burfday present... hmmmm. counldn't found it. bcz i am me. i'm yim jim..

so afte tht, we went J-co quevin for buyin some donuts...

afterall, chill out went 2 halo cafe togete heheee met up my gals.. miss them muchiee .. so, plannin
to countdown for Merdeka @ cafe.. but, aih used it. they started busyin around n was quite lame when was thr... off to upstairs hc shop meet with hc. hehee... lols he wrkin face owes cute de =) then i camwhore around thr at his shop.

met up Sam at sp too. we chat fr while... heyaaa.
Sam, stop spoke mandirin lah be ur own k. Banana men.

heheee well, midnite..

hc n his cousins bro brought me off to barcelona. aiyohhh.. erR i reject goin at 1st. aiyo, i walk da whole day ...... n my foot is kinda painful enuf. n i am not da mood of dancing da night. cz leg pain lah.. T.T but at laz i still join lah. jx bCz ......sunway dun hv fireworks dis yr. cehh ~
while met lotsa fwen when club. aiyerR .... paisehhh dao ~ trust me, i aint clubber okay! heheeeee. thx ya guys i still enjoyin dancing =) leg pain 99 thou.... yeap, i drink lot. but i nvr drunk. okay ~ da most happpiest-day i club laz night. i am wonderin about why. gud feelin... nice. =) enjoyed. thx ya guys.... i am heavy de eh. they are jx treatin me so gud enuff... they owes carry me when ever afte i club.. tqtqtqtqtq... cz they know i can't walk. plus they all owes park da car @ so damn far. plus i am tired. anyway thx lah guys...

yumcha at da vy late midnite afte club.. i keep naggin infront them : foot pain !
ahahahaa! goshhh... okay, although tired but happieee =)


the sunday. happiee merdeka!!

honestly i am tired enuf lahhhh!!!
wake me up so so erly... aiyohhH ...

went breakfast at Concorde hotel at kl... ishh, im so tired. i got a both panda eyes ...... hehee. but i love the food thr. =) so, i ofcz flw lahh. havin dimsum breakfast. agn i pick my fav egg tarts. yummy ~

afternoon.... worst-nye.
we've fly to Berjaya hill at ... sumwhr near Genting lahh... aiyohh kek sei me dao ~ cz reli tired. plus i was jx tot goin hotel for jx a breakfast meal so wearin nice n high heel ... so worst they nvr inform me dat goin to a such far plc ... errrR n it's a hill ... sum plc shud be walked over by our foot without drivin a car n i wear heel walked over lea. wat a bad day. goshhh.... kek sei me dao ~~ pain T.T ishh... but i enjoyed lah. hehee thx =)

the resort with the french theme. nice rite?
my 3rd times been to here.

Japenese village , Berjaya hill.

morning. my dimsum breakfast.
owwww. fav eggtart.

concorde hotel.

happiiee 51st merdeka.
thats all fr the day, chaos