Thursday, December 22, 2011

X'mas 2011

" Merry Merryy Christmas ... ..."

" Lonely ...  Lonely . Christmas ... "


Allow me to take noted for this day.

We work ourself as usual strive ahead nicely for every job done. we don't even expect much for this. Until the day we received an invitation from the project manager/ governmental peeps for this.
It could be just 'lucks' that god has just brought us. Yet, we felt so thankfully / this is seriously meant so much to us.

Somehow, well done is better than well said. do things cheerfully always give people more than they expect. Besides, when you've expect lesser it might be comes out nicer.

another moment in time . to be remembered

5 seconds in the stage  -
1walked up with my heavy heels -  2eyecontact - 3shake hand & greeting - 4rcertified - 5photograph
 N E R V O U S

David standing on the stage for more than 5second.
(Tun Siti on the right)

(end this up with a photo of us with our respectfully, M'sia Ex-Prime Minister, Tun M.)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Je' taime

有时候 的 有时候   人看开一点没有什么不好


活得开朗一些 可以 快乐很多很多
这些一点点就是那么的平凡  何乐而不为
我说嘛: 加油吧人生! 

Je t'aime  .  C'est la'vie