Friday, October 28, 2011

Our Space _ 1 & 2

Flashed back in one year ago. i've made this.
It's a gift, to keep all the memories in. also a signature of home sweet home. 
A place to warmth a busy men's heart. 

the every pieces of art . it's handmade, with heart.

The one year after,
we owned this.... with the unexplainable hard work and hard time.
ain't much special or luxury where people expect. but, mostly heart represented. we DIY it!
the every single stuff / furniture / gown we choose it / did it at our own.Thanks heaps to the friends and families for your heartiest's greeting. We greatly appreciated! totally.

officially . 71

space . interior

Wall decor . DIY

Some displayed item from hong kong.

wedding gown <3

 wedding artworks

Friday, October 07, 2011


在我累的时候它会静静地躺在我身边  要我摸摸他的头
我忙的时候它会自己凑好自己的玩伴  自己玩自己转圈圈
它偶尔会听我唠叨. 它会在你寂寞的时候听听你 对它说说的话 
曾听人家说过 : 狗狗与主人的性格会很相似 .  真的

我很可爱的小肥 Kino
妈妈很爱你 你知道吗?

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Just a tiny matter

the world makes way for those who know where they's going. it can be as perfectly as how you want.

fyi i am a girl which is pretty realistic yet a very straight forward person. i speak about how future goes, i used to be a planner in my life. i care the every tiny matters of a simple life, indeed that's the creation of every human being? yeas. somehow, the much you knew you can't beg to differ. i won't tell others about how emo i am or how powerful i was or how i sick i am today or tomorrow. but, i learned to lean somewhere that i belong ; i give my self a reason to be happy when i was down or i pampered my self for a shopping-spree where it can absolutely cheer me up. you wouldn't know how ridiculous and how greedy i am in my life. yet i stay my way always that joyful and stress-free like you see me. i am quite a careless person or clumsy i would say but i can think very rationally, that's why when peoples first met me the most of them couldn't guess on my age, as you too? lol.

living on earth it's such a grateful thing. i dreamt a not-so-good dream the few night passed. it is a sign of lost and sad, unrelated with loveship or friendship but my self. it simply scared me and woke me up with a frighten mood and tears. according to the old wise says, the bad in dream the good will be. shall it be comes out a good one in reality? lol, i pray and hopefully.

human are so tiny in this world, you have to live attentively and affirmatively. no trick no wicked. seize the chance when u still have the choice. life is not about the ' if ' but only the consequence and the outcome.

however the long the night, the dawn will break.
hello, my october! please be good to me & give me strength :)