Sunday, January 30, 2011

自信心, 能目空一切
我說啊 如果我有分身術 那 應該很棒吧

Saturday, January 29, 2011



獻上我最誠懇的 新年祝福致於我的
各方親戚朋友,好友姐妹,上司同事,教授,同學仔,我崇拜的攝影界 婚紗界的大哥大姐,

to the besties of mine, friends, relatives, boss, colleagues, customers,
parent and my precious blog reader.
wishing you a year sparkling with success, happiness, healthy and prosperity!
let's celebrate the time and spread good cheer! happy chinese new year, 兔gether!
- gong hei fatt choii -

Thursday, January 27, 2011


cooperative? but guys, we're in a team.

somehow, i don't really care to do much among others.
and i don't fcuken care where i stayed up late for the overload assignments.
at least i am conscientious student and i pay afford on my every work-done.
as i gained more, than you.

who cares? don't you.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


the first lou-sang of the year.
with the bf's ex-college mates, they are fun :)

gowns, tops, pants, dress, skirts, heel, handbags, lingeries, manicure, coloured hair and etc ...

yeass, satisfied! all new. chinese new year is just another week from now.
clean and clear the house & the bedroom the day before cny coming. yeass, it's clean now.
exciting? no, i don't. but it was just a warmest season to me and the family.
i don't have a kampung or hometown to back. i envy david low that can take flight and back to the hometown. i only takes 10minutes to back my grandma's home for the reunion day and angpaw day. ummm. here come an early wishes brought to you guys.

happy fantabulous chinese new year.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

醫生曾說 : "young girl, you're lacking red blood cells in your body, do you know.? "
我說 : "oh no, doctor. what should i do? i need a healthy body to move on ... "

如果 某天你看見我昏了過去, 那可並不奇怪 ... ...

Thursday, January 13, 2011


SS2 婚紗街 . 纵火案件

雖然在婚紗界混了不會很久 但假假也懂得少少
這起案件 太荒謬了

( 雪蘭莪‧八打靈再也10日訊)
PJ, SS2 婚紗街 在短短兩周內,
先後發生6 間婚紗店離奇失火及遭爆竊案件;
排除婚紗店失火疑有人爆竊不遂縱火 .... ....

Tuesday, January 11, 2011



假期完畢 已回到城市裡了
今天回到大學 沒錯已經是第3個semester了
媽呀 矛盾的想說 我其實 還是很懷念我的假期

小雨後的傍晚 我一個人開車放學回家去
今天心情就是 很好很好 沒有為什麼
一路上 一層層的濃霧將我熟悉的環境幻化出另一番風貌
天空總是呈現出不同的表情. 我愛

就是很愛把頭抬高 往往天
真的是白天不懂夜的美 ...
心情還是很好很好 哈哈
不想繼續了 有點懶
我要跟藤井樹約會到 六弄咖啡館去 了

我不是ABC 我會speak中文
話說 這好幾本都是很不錯的好書
recent 好書特別推薦 來
讀得7788的《寫真的溫度》, 男作者來自韓國. 都是一些攝影上的inspiration, 好看好文筆
再來《巨人的腳步》,小小的人生道理 365頁都會有被motivate到的一本好書.
另2本昨晚向 吳思駿借來的

再來 recent 好戲特別推薦
也是我最近很 addicted 的
是一部泰國影片 校園愛情喜劇 《初戀這件小事》
很感人 很sweet 劇情好 拍攝手法更一級棒
導演: Mario Maurer 也就是劇中男主角
片中,Mario饰演 阿亮; 男主角是一个颇有些痞子气息的校园风云人物.
无论从题材,剧情,到影片风格 真叫我仰慕他到不行 也为他的突破大力鼓掌叫好
朋友們 有空下載來看看吧
真的非常好看 !
我肯定會再重看重看重看 重看再重看再重看 再再再再再重看!!!


Saturday, January 08, 2011


這個學期的成績 終於放榜

沒錯雖然是在假期中似乎很輕鬆 可,其實一點都不
面對考試比面對老闆 還要壓力大, 十倍的大!
還好 這final裡還有蘋果grade,老媽才會給你個嘴角上揚 來個微笑
雖比上學期 少了1個蘋果. 算滿足了
我感恩. 謝老媽 ! 在我學業上, 她確實給了我很大很大的鼓勵. 你以為學費便宜啊?
一邊工作一邊唸書 你以為不 stress 啊?发夢
看看我些照片 每天以為我到處 趴趴照 你以為我很freedom啊? 发夢
一句話, 年輕就是本錢 :)

再次強調 哈哈 朋友, 我不是念攝影的 我更不會設計
我畫畫,做illustration都要用半個月來完成, 死未?
我是個 市場營銷廣告商系的 學生妹,
第二次強調 哈哈 我其實很年輕

話說, 沒有金玉其外敗絮其中 胸無點墨的女人, 多提升學識 吧女人們.
加油. 做個有信念的女人 :)
信念是伴隨自己一生的 有了信念 便有了一個人生目標.

i don't want to be simple

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


0501. 2011

還是一句 謝謝.
“ 20歲 生日快樂 ”

Monday, January 03, 2011


My new employer.
as i have mentioned before, i won't be giving up easily on my career.


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Sunday, January 02, 2011

new year eve

Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!
may the brand new year bring me, and the family also the bf the best health and wealth.
here comes another fast update about my random outing.
yeappp, it's all about new year eve that day. haha! very exciting day ....

few days before the NYE the ex-colleagues of mine has called up to me for a date.
they are all planning heading to "little-genting" also known as KL look out point at Hulu Langat, Ampang. to chilling and to countdown for NYE. while, i has been goyang kaki, rotting at home for the entire semester break, so yeassss ... i promised them to attend it and chilling with the rest of them, not to forget with the bf as well. ohh ya, the bf and i was in the same company last time. lol, he can considered as one of my colleague too. haha!

as i am the free-est among them so i gave a responsibility to phone up and to booking for a table where with the 15ppls seats. anyhow, i called... as NYE is a big day for those restaurant. the restaurant doesn't allowed us to made reserving for the seats. deepest sigh.

So, end up, i wake up pretty early in the morning and followed the bf went to worked place area to wait for them. and, of cause i won't be such silly sitting at the Studio to wait for them. haha! the bf leave me at Jusco, Kepong opposite the next area of the Bridal Studio. and i was spending my little time over there.

after shop for almost half an hour i decided to looked for a place to sit down.
used to online while am alone. so Starbucks will be my fav place as usual.

the ever first chop for this year. 15days left to get the 11stamp more to get the 2011-planner. i remember the last year i was like so adoring to get the 2010 Starbucks's planner
and i spent for like every weeks by drinking 1,2 cups of starbucks coffee, latte, mocha etc.
end up, they told me: "sorry miss, the planner is really out of stock in Klang."
i told 'em : " abang, u pergi other other starbucks get it for me lahh, i want it badly! and the expiry date was still far away from these day eh? it's unfair hello..." at last, they gv me the two starbucks's limited cups.
i wonder this year should i do the same or straight then purchase it with RM55?

that's it !

forget about it. and come on continued my article, haha.
yeshh, am all alone in the morning Starbucks. LOL. smell gooood.

sitting here for like more than 5hours ... i'm superb.

i used to be alone with the internet accompanied with me. til then i found that my urinary bladder is going to burst soon. where i am alone, which mean no one will help me take care of my stuff, camera, laptop etc. *sniff* with the reason, i wanted to pee yet i have to continue sitting here to pass my few more hours, but no point i went to toilet come back and i have to purchase another cup of coffee what. lol, i always face this kind of situation when i was alone in somewhere else ... dilemma. and, i solved this like that, i pass my laptop to the lengzai-staff of starbucks and left my other stuff and drink at the seat. straight then carried on my handbag and camera run to the toilet. LOL *craps1*

till then, reached the fong gong time of them. yeap, meeting up they all at the bridal studio. haha! Daphne, my lovely colleagues. she put on some paint on my pale face. make up of the day credit to her. thankiu and ily.

6pm sharp, we are on the way heading to Look Out Point.

while we're all the way off to LOP one of the colleague's car kena this stupid case by the 2 wtf malays which riding a motor and breaks her car's window during the traffic jam! purposely, the motorist is to snatch her handbag where putting on the passenger seat. goshh, kecoh sial. spoiled her mood! pity Berry. anyway, this is not the main point. *craps2*

we arrived there at about 7.30pm. hahahah! damn kiasu, scared no nice seats for us.

big fat and small fat

big fat and small fat loves camwhore recently.

1000D my awesome brother.

after food. there is still few hours to goes before the fireworks session and countdown session start. so, we play games. *grins* there is fcuken crowded man... where the food was ridiculously expensive due to the bigday. bumped into few friends of mine that day. :)

Berry Ong.


Mickey Wong.

for fun, Mr. low is teaching me how to shoot out a bokeh effect. * another craps*

berry and me.

having fun like no body business *craps4*

Daphne and Flaky. the night view.

few hours later .............

11.55pm . 2010.12.31

extremely exciting! omg. from the up up up of the hill you can seriously spotted the whole KL night view. wuahhh, till the 12am sharp! u can really saw the "every corner of KL" with the awesome fireworks everywhere everyside. it is really awesome!!! surrounding with cheering sounds ... and it's really wonderful NYE!
best scene ever!

fireworks where LOP lighted it! thou, it abit phailed. LOL. but, nice.
enjoyed the every second of the bestest moment!

more photo will be on FB soon. stay tune.