Wednesday, April 27, 2011

april days

世界上每分每秒都在改变 . 唯有不改变的就是世界还在不停改变
我说 人嘛 总是到了一定的年纪 就有着 一定的需求 (奢求)


游手好闲 . 对嘛 就是嘛
发觉自己最近 神经兮兮的
噢天 我还在假期状态中
无敌的闷 嘛 就是嘛
蕴在家里 eat, shit, sleep 

把 上课时间 及 工作时间表 还有 课程 rearrange 了
前年至今已念完了 4个 semester 的行事交际 courses. 
得等到七月才轮到我的分上课  哦天
跟老妈子 商量后 便把我 marketing communication courses switch 去 晚上
念夜校 原因可以很多.
还是总觉得 经验往往来得比学历重要
但身为女生怎么可以目不识丁. 算了吧 
我就选择一半一半. 边读边工作
妈妈 okayy then 我也 okayy!

我的20岁跟你们没差嘛 别 adore 我
还不就是为了金钱 打拼嘛 加上我很爱趴趴赵
妈妈 也都开窍了 懂我很多也晓得我的个性
娘的 4月好像过得很漫长 似的

话说嘛 : 休息是为了要走跟长远的路

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bali, Indonesia

I apologized for the late post of my Bali trip. Ohh, by the way, it's a March trip, also a working trip as well. i've been mentioned before that i was been hired to fly oversea for the pre-wedding shooting occasion at the pretty island. huge thanks to the adorable couple of us.  they are kinda sweeet and lovely, planned everything step by step for their next chapter of life.

Bye M'sia and Hello Bali 

welcome to Bali, Indonesia.

coming together is a beginning keep together is a progress. working together is success.
my work position  : 
 wedding planning, wedding consulting, photographer's assistant, make up , hair do, w/e gown consulting, sales, accounting. i learn to enjoy the every path way of my work. 

duhh! i ain't that superb. considered a learning person with 'half pail water' 
awesome experiences however tired. 

bali, indonesia.
the night view ; artistic hotel

the late night city in Bali

selling? the colourfully rainbow chick

It's a must to visit this place : Batur Volcano

Gunung Berapi Batur

Balinese crib

balinese uncle, they can spoke a good english as well.


come on, say hi :)

jual-beli all over the street at Bali.

sacrificed. i'd bought this shoe at Singapore and threw this in Indonesia.
ohh mama, i has a sad now.

a great meet up perhaps? yeass indeed.
caught up by the CNN team during the photography session and yeass one thing i can say is,
 we were proud to have such a great moment. ohh, luck!


most of the balinese weren't halal. they love pork as well.
hahaha! sorry for my non-halal pic, kawan.

mystery restaurant hiding in the padi field :)

paid for the enterance and get in to the monkey cave
this place is seriously crowded with alot of small, medium, large monkeys.

nice effect with the long veil. i'm lovin' it




restaurant . feels

eat with a good mood

 memorable . 311 tsunami at japan
frighten, yeass! standing right infront of the huge wave at a little island!

Footproof. i'm here at the famous place ever in Bali.
Tanah Lot 

part of the job.

very special occasion

one thing i would like to comment about this little island is.
everything is about money you've to pay for it.
borrow toilet, pay. u want wifi password please pay. money for this and that

The very famous Bintang beer in Indon.

somehow, the every corner in bali u can seriously found load of such unique thingy

shine . hot


introduced my sweet client to u. see, there were so sweet!
prepared everythg for the photo effect. nice one.

sunburnt . tanned

clubs, pubs all around the beach. angmoh every where.
things or soveniers were quite expensive. shall be smart when consume at the bali street market

building . temples

  Otw to the Denpasar Ngurah-rai International Airport.

i love Bali.

for more inquiries about us for the wedding photoshooting kindly contact us :
for more photos to go please visit at my facebook's album :

thanks a million for your great visited at my blog and your good comment.
enjoy your stay 

Friday, April 15, 2011


最近的话题都是 围绕于 braces
天啊! 该下定决心了

Thursday, April 14, 2011


i'll risk my life to protect you, my baby pups
to love u to care u to hug u more and even more
mama always love u okay, always be healthy my baby.

and because of u my life isn't that boring.
and coz of u i felt so blessed the everyday. 
u were the happy doggy for me and the families. 
lovelovelove you.

Monday, April 04, 2011

our 1st anniversary

有种看不见 的 一个远方

这种 想法多浪漫  ...

我们俩就有着说不清楚的缘分 很玄妙