Friday, July 30, 2010

the runaway couple. part2

stay tune ................................................

the runaway couple. part1

休息 是為了要走更長遠的路

一路浩浩蕩盪的從KL來到了 檳島

它是我另一個伴呢. 我行我攝!



這地方. 太美麗了!
hardrock hotel.


ehhh. 我很帥不是嗎?

娘惹. 嫁紗

很復古的美. 經典

這學校背後有著很非凡的 鬼故.


呀. 極樂寺

許願樹下 (:


最近我很愛這樣子的 edit tone.


很蠢 的 GPS

路上夜裡的路燈. 我太強了! 哈哈哈哈.

to be continue .................................

Saturday, July 24, 2010

exam break

Countdown. 1week to go.
exam is near.
and, while i'm having my exam break right now.
ohh fcuk up enjoy like shit at home.
in a officially broken mode now. pooor.

Went for the brazilian-hair-waxing at Bangsar few days ago.
brazilian wax is that they wax everything, and after all you will become as smooth as a baby, everything will be waxed away and i mean hair. bye bye my bulu-bulu. welcome my taw-fu-fah skin. brazilian wax is quite best. more hygienic.
good service! big thanks to Ms.Zann! (:
anyway, It's not really painful for me larh.
pain factor 5/10. can still tahan. LOL!
It's not something that we will scream or what ...
it's just some "ouch" .... It's like taking off handyplast from the hairy-part. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

And imma going to dye my hair later ......
it's like almost half a year since the last time i've did the coloured hair dying.

I felt so so guilt. dengggg....
exam oh exam !

And yea, come on peoples.
any nice job introduce me? i neeeeed an income.
partime job with vy high salary. err?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

i'm not a teen.


啊 ......................................


The youngest brother of mine.
haha! he is cute.
don't judge him with his vy noob cute face kayyy.....
he is very geng...
he were just an ordinary kids. he addicted to computer game vy much.
but, he can manage well in his school-works score very well in exam. own his-self the 1st place in his studies always. then, ofcause my mummy sayang him alot !
although this little boy are in a small size but, he is a school prefect! hahahahah!! funny shit.

he keep mention that nobody noticed his birthday.
and even complain non of someone give him a birthday wish.
his birthday is arrive! it is tomorrow. his's sweet 12.
hye, fwens! can please do me a favour. drop him a birthday wish at his wall.thanks.

last but not least, the brother hope for a birthday present.
what u want for your birthday present?
: i want iphone. (kids /??)
no money.

Monday, July 12, 2010


The day we have been through. 100days.
The Fifa World Cup Final is in the same day as well.

ehh... tell you kayyy it is very memorable!
i bet there will be no others couple which have it their
100th-days-anniversary at this day kayy.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

world cup's semi-final.

這個星期 final lessons. for the first sem.

後天 presentation.
今天 拼了在賞 2010 fifa's semi final.

歷年來, 不可思議的 球績.

heart attacked reached level 10.!
我的Germany !!!
來一下counter attack !revenge 下嘛!
我, 很嚴重的 緊張!
be right back larh! 43:29mins


  • 男人病了 ;(
  • Spain 1- 0 Germany !
  • Muller 不在.
  • Amazing octopus predictor.
  • Assignments.
  • 恭喜. Holland versus Spain @ The Final.

Last but not least ... paul the octopus. pic's.
( 來 ..... 朋友明天去吃 章魚燒. )

okayy, i know it's LAME. -_-ll

waka-waka oh eh eh! fifa wc 2010. chaos with love, bedtime.