Friday, March 27, 2009

that's better right?

Had I known how to save a life
a peaceful ones... everyone will be the diffrent !! with the diffrent attitude diffrent hobbiess

Dad, please feel me ... ...
Align Center
Somewhere along in the bitterness of mine u couldn't know
Pressure to me were up-site-down
Between the lines of fear and blame
Being a silly yet don't understand the world
Who begin to wonder that i am your's
Ohhhh there is no mountains too high enough, oceans too wide
It's like catching lightning the chances of finding my position to my future
Let it rain, let it pour
What i have is worth fighting for ... no regrets for me.

what i need which is just
... a little caring a little bit support ...

( Let him know that you are the best )
am i ? counld't be ... ehem
( Me . Tears flow . Over pressure? )
as i pray to the god ... everything will be fine! God hears me?


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

feel it

Most people believe that love is an emotion, and that is true, but emotions are largely created by our perceptions. One of the most important keys for long term love is to choose to love your spouse even when they are not being like-able.

This, of course, is not encouragement to stay in an abusive situation at all. However, most relationship have ups and downs, good times and bad, and there are times when we will not like our mate one bit. Choosing to love them during these difficulties can see our relationships through hard times.

Holding hands may seem unimportant but it says to the world that you are a couple. A soft caress over stressed shoulders can be just the encouragement that is needed, with no words spoken.

thanks alot lot that u owes bring me grown. appreciate. i just try to follow what u hv figure it out bfore. listen advises. dear, u are nice enouugh i felt much of grateful when with u. draw me to your side when someone of us are alone.. communicate isn't that hard for me? does it? i seriously asking myself.. am i? u know what ... i just need the one who being understanding. support... might not like da negatively possition. i appreciate that u gave a simple way to help me on. i just hope we can live in a tolerance with less expectection. with less of fight... less of comment on each other and make our love lasts forever. make it balance. the thg that u like shouldnt that i like it too... no judgement in love. no one is da perfect, i understand. so trust me ... i love u as u love me too. alright? peace . . .

Disney on Ice

Sunday morning.
woke up heaven early in the morning... rush all the way clean up my self and followed momi went to Taylor's campus day. lols! i meet da same lecturer again. haha... he is a very nice man! gooood lecturer. wow! if i'm not wrong he is Sir Andrew. he is the one who owes speak to me... haha!
and ,
another sweet suprise! i meet my darling-o-darling Miss Jessie. hahaaha!! the way that we meet each other its like ....
vy special yet funny!!

alright , this is Jess
and this is me

@ Taylors.

Sunday night.
another outing with my family... my big family... geeeeeez!
Disney On Ice at Bukit Jalil Stadium.

auntie Jennifer
the show ending ...

simple plan

very lazy to blogging nowadays!
wth .. i'm damn boring by staying at home doing nothing!

had a outing with family and my bf to Ipoh during last week as it was school holidays. wednesday, as usual babe drive a long journey back to Ipoh another my house over there ... this time was little bit diffrent hehee coz my dearest was followed me back there togete, as he mention this is also da 1st time he went to ipoh ..lols! in other day darling and me and my family off to Cameron Highland. he hold me walked all around eat around and darling buy me roses n strawberries ... haha! by having his accompanied around me and i will felt not so lonely while staying over there. he drove me all along. went everywhere.. eat everywhere. owh yarr, we watched da movie Race to Witch Mountain ... its an vy miracle! vy nice movie ... awesome!

alright no more craps .... as you all knows imma vy lazy to blog.
picture symbolize million of words.
so may da pictures do the talks , okayy....

he and she


hahahah. he confirm kill me if he saw this. lols~

and this is me
he and she again...

Sorlou and his gf.



=P . =]

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

我没那麽 聪明

那是 ...... 他 的 .

算了..... 是往事 , 是欺骗 , 是无意 ... ............
是忘记删除 ....



但身不由己出现在胸口 两颗心能塞几个问号
我不晓得 ...

Monday, March 16, 2009

education fair

my sunday...
woke up pretty early in dis morning... after breakfast with family chilled out with Yen at da noon. we attended to the education fair at Midvalley. hehee!! tought of meet up with Jessie gehh... who knows. she back earlier. sigh! it's kinda packed at Midvalley megamall during Sunday..... not da mood in shopping at all.
alright, back to topic.... its really amazing that i noticed that the exhibition helding over there... pretty big. overall, there is lots of college lots of courses u can search there...
It'll be very exciting for those wishing to pursue their studies in college!
somehow, u can get more infomation or even sit down and listen to da lecturer gv more explantion to u in the courses which u are interesting or the course would u like to pick for ur future studies... i noticed that lots of those very-famous-college.. alright, and i sit down and listen to da lecturer explained to me... well, everything was like vy okay! but da fees was terrible not okay! spend about like one and the half an hour at da edu fair...

okayy, after done some shopping...
dinner, bought some stuff. ^^
home sweet home after that.

education fair and also college open day @ midvalley.

taa-Raaaa .... my new baby!

alright, i got to go. sleeeeepy...
tmr got to wake up early in the morning.
goes bed now. chaos ...

Friday, March 13, 2009

the day after tomorrow

results of SPM release on 12march, thursday.
aihss ..... my result was disappoint me!! its really worst than what i expected.
its alright, anyway i've try my best. "how much u pay, and u will get it thru"

okay, talked bout yesterday...
went to sch at around 12pm something. and i walked to da canteen .... saw bunch of my friends ... grrrrr.. holding their result cert and tears are rolling inside their red eyes. aihyo! but, their result still vy okay as i saw ... Banyak gred A! i am standing there nervous99.... i just dont wanna walk toward my teacher and get my result mannnn..... nervous!

last but not least... afte i get my result cert... was a little bit upset.
Babe come along to my sch picked me up to lunch after dat... feeling much more better when saw darling! sayang sayang...!

after lunch at Jusco with babe and his mum. darling went to fetch Awei then we chilled to sunway pyramid at 5pm something... and after that, chilling at Kimgary. Coz my dearest Suhui was at there waiting for me to tk da thumbdrive for her..... she wants to get da rest of da foto frm me.. hmm... shopping sessions after that =)

end up with having dinner with darling and Awei @ Fullhouse, NZX Ara Damansara. thanks dear!!
thanks for da suprise! happyy-stop


kelvin and Awei

get bored of those kopitiam? do visit @
Fullhouse! nice place with nice food.

the food menu


Do you remember
The things we used to say?
I feel so nervous
When I think of yesterday

How could I let things
Get to me so bad?
How did I let things get to me?

like dying in the sun
like dying in the sun
like dying in the sun
like dying

Will you hold on to me
I am feeling frail
Will you hold on to me
We will never fail

I wanted to be so perfect you see
I wanted to be so perfect

" when u learn to love yourself
then, u could love me as well too..

because, u were someone else were meant very much to me.
And, i do love u, dear. hope we always stay happily.
the love you found would set you free ... believing in your self, you could come alive.
have faith in what you do have faith in how with we meet ... we were just mk it through. "

happie belated valentine's

with loves,

alright , this is my Valentine's present from my bf.
dear, thank you. emuahs. luv da present u gave as like how i love u =)


holla !! i'm back. sucessfully, complete mission. Nasional Service rox! obviously, i'm really had a vy suffer life within. but, think to be da positive way.... yohh, i'm reallly enjoy well my self over there. earn lots of experinced that d others people nvr ever had it bfore...

. i gt da chance to hold da 3kg gun.. M16! shoot da 30 live bullets.
. i tried 6stories tall, flyingfox.

. night duty at da dark place when u are kinda tired n sleepy!
. kawat under da very very hot sun...

. jungle tracking under da heavy rain

. been a chance to visit da Penjara at Taiping, perak. saw those banduan... awwwww .... u guys cant even imagine all that! i rmbr ... one of my friend miss Jessie cry like an ass when she saw da vy horror punishment video. aduiii ~

. there is community service every wednesday and saturday.

okayy, and i think thats all lazy to list all out..

i stay in villa anggerik, dorm1
while, in our dorm which is mix wif chinese, malay and indian. roommates.. no matter whr we've been there is owes our sound our jokes all around! and, i am in Alpha unicorn team.
. been a chance to wore baju kurung baju kebaya during da hari kebudayaan, hari kesasteraan.
. even saw how those malay friends pray 5times a day.

okayy.... and da most impotant thing is
i stay vy close with anothers 4gals which we are same dorm wan... hahaha!!

we did everything eat wat go where always stay togete.... gang of us got 5ppls

. jessie
. mei2
. suhui
. hui ping
. me

there is a childhood song which is create by Jessie! awwwww... damn cute yet funny.
hahaha!!!! haa!!




really enjoy da everymoment with u guys n

gals, sweetmemoriess owww my friend!