Thursday, November 25, 2010


college life is fun.
but assignment is so not fun.
help! stressed, 1234.99 leveling up :"(

illustration class for tomorrow.
hello! i cannot draw man! i hate drawing since kindergarden.
totally noooob enough for that. rawrrr!
Ms Queenie is the lecturer. her works is so not fun. ugh!
Mr David Low, is my tutor. hahahahaha..! he is the bestest.

just done sketching my 12 fcuking apples for tomorrow lessons.

basically, this is what a marketing, advertising school student should learn.
on the go, preparing for my coming up group assignment & project,

event setting up.
designing alternatives education school for youth.
business and social.
drama presentation.
moral shit brix.

countdown for the final test.
countdown for my holidays.
my brain has a big stone nao.

kiss good bye bye.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

an hour

my recent schedule are so pack. phewww.
had a bad health recently. i'm real tired.

assignment assignment assignment assignment.
college life.
work work work work work work work and work.
ohhh life.

i'm young and energetic. :(
i wants a flying colour for my studies.
i demand for a luxury future.

shall go confidently in the direction of my dreams
live in the life i have imagined. ahhh gambatte!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The cousin's wedding in M'sia.

The new chapter begins.
Terence & Joyce's Wedding Day.

Before i'm here to figured out the actual day's story.
come on, allow me to post up some random photos here, alright?
being a very closed relation between the groom family. cousins.

In short, i was being a part of ji mui group yet a brothers group
and a driver as well. ohh, fantastic.

She is my lovely cousin sister.
we were close since our childhood.
ohh, she is younger than me. like few years.
but, she looked pretty mature. don't she?

this is the funniest part. david and i was laughed like mad.
Gilliane, cry like a baby. she might be too touched while, her uncle got married?

beh tahan this fellow. she is too desprate by wanted to marry someone so badly.

So, it start here. feed your gold eyes with the photos of the
wedding session day.

Mr David had given a job to being their photographer of the day.
and, i be the driver as well to fetched all the way up and down.

Le'Meriden Hotel's Lobby Reserved.
spot my Nana, it's so much more pretty than the Subaru.

it's in a pretty early in the morning.

This is the groom side.

While, this is the bride side.

Le'Meriden Hotel.

The residence suit's bathroom is even bigger than my store room.
i liked.

very pretty and blissful bride.

the groom and the brothers gang has arrived.
please put your eyes on the groom's hand.... hahaha!
keep keep keep angpaw.

According to the chinese's rules this is a must for the groom before you wants to marry your wife. game start! round 1.

game, round2

game, round3

game, round4

game, round5
( wasabi oreo, wasabi sandwiches, raw eggs + guiness beer )

ohh clear!
giving angpaw!!!

totally passed all the games. challenging huh? to be very honest, Mr Terence has a very wide friendship. he has a gang of very helpful brothers, they are rocks!

Joyce (bride side's) family. adorable.

Started the journey back to the bridegroom's house.

Drinking tea session from the elders & Praying ancestors.

this is the best of the best brothers gang. sacrificed without
any words. awesome guys.


The Wedding Ceremony.

Groom's side sisters and sister in law.


香檳香檳 相敬如賓.

A group photo with my grandmum and relatives!

二表哥 & 嫂子

brother in law. 姐夫


with love.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

timeless 3

God will restore my time so I have aplenty of time to do the best to give the bf accompanied.
somehow, i'm grateful enough as the bf finally got spare time. Pretty awesome ehh?
ohh hell yeah cheers yo people, been having stacking up everyday.
i am way to the bedtime and my body is not functioning very well lately.
heavyness of my assignments, add on group works, working stuffs too. ughhh.

hardly have enough of sleep.