Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our Space _ 3

management - investment - contractor - id - carpentry - alarm - display - marketing - accounting - pr - hr

我们要坚强  .  我们不能让生命中的能量流失
因为我们是这样的固执而真心 , 在难熬也要努力去追求
荣欣的是   我们有着同样的信念  .  一起分担与奋斗

明晚的飞机  .   载着满满梦想的我们俩   ;    愿一切顺风 :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Valentine's Day.
Valentine purpose is to set for the loveable couples yet a special day to be remember for them.
Don't you tell me, everyday is a valentine day if you loving each other. haha.

French's Connected Couple-tee.
 Lol, fresh couple shall do this!

Furthermore, the guys should gives the girlfriend bouquet of flowers la.
if you don't, you are such a failure. meme said: "valentine u no give flower, u wait when?"
there is no girls who don't loves rose. he said he liked seeing me smile when the moment i received flower from him. thanks, and ily.

Our 2nd valentine's day.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Eat & Feel

random picture of the day. all time love on instagram's colour tone :))
random food's post for the latest update. 


It would be a best place for me, like how i love their enviroment and the coffee here.
Alt-Space located at PJ, Jayaone Ground Floor.

It's more on a cafe workstation then a bakery, no food selling but there was a good working place with wifi and the cozy ambiance.

The interior 're pretty simple yet nice . Very relaxing i can say :)

The exterior.

a place with only cakes and beverages served.

baked cheese cake and very-berry mocktails for myself.

. . .

Chinese Cuisine for my 2nd posts. haha! originally chinese and vintage restaurant :)
 the upstairs serve you chinese Sze-chuan steamboat, while downstairs selling famous yummilious Wantan-mee 

stairs to go up. 

barley dessert . wantan prawn soup

 dry wantan meeeeeee . niceeee

soup wantan meeeee . also niceeeee

“ 天下第一辣 ”
their signature food is it! the super spicy wantan mee.
(gotta try this out for my next visit)

eat with a good feel 

the old antique feeeel . pretty nice place

龙门客栈 / 师傅云吞面 
Located at Taman Segar, Cheras KL.

we eat for life . live to eat