Sunday, June 12, 2011


当 你改变不了一个人的想法或是看法时  就静思
当 你没什么被重视或被冷略时 就安静
我选择不抢词 然而 一个人独处静思 看电视听听音乐
也可以很不错. 何必伤和?


Saturday, June 04, 2011


it's about middle months of the year. how's your goal has been achieved?
for mine, smile. it's still on the way up. times prove.

home sweet home for two days and sooner or later am gonna depart to the another land instantly. it's simply fun but in the other way it's heck tired man. cause you can't really get a proper rest at all hence it was a work-trip. anyways learn to enjoy as always, i told myself this way. not to be blow off that much and fight ahead when u're young.

somehow most of my work schedules will be some random freelance, also, assist in the blissfulness wedding field as well. thanks god for given such a best chance to the little me, grateful enough. ps: i'm just touchdowned in s'pore for 2days. the next morning am gonna flew to the pangkor island. could u please imagine i sat in the car for more than nine hours? and the next day gonna sit at the car and again. ahh, that's insane.

guess hongkong summer trip will be a real relaxing and rejuvenating trip for us. awaiting.
it's a rainny night comfy bed calling, goodnight peeps.