Sunday, March 31, 2013

Special Occasion - 1

Used to spent a lot for occasion like this.

Dec - X'mas Time

Jan - My Birthday

Feb - Valentines

Mar - His Birthday

Christmas joy all the way -

Singaland . Singapore

Used to be the town i love the most yet i often travel up and down to this place very usual for working purpose. But it's once of my very first time celebrating christmas joy there in Spore with the crowd. Stayed at V-Hotel Orchard. Hand in hand for a walk to the few spot before the actual count down starts. A fruitful year ahead. Good noted for such pretty moment.

- Ion Orchard
- Sommerset
- Clare Quay
- Garden by the bay

. Orchard Road .

Ion . Orchard . With love .

Our very late meal at 11pm .
. Marche Sommerset .

Musical lighting performed .
. Garden By The Bay .

Another good place to share . very artistic introduced by JB-mates.
 . Rootz Cafe .

On my day - January
Celebrating my birthday, thanks a dozen for all the incoming calls, texts and greetings on this day. Also a long waited girls shopping trip on my birthday month. Blessed. 

The bf warmest planned on my day - it's so my type don't you think that?
classy, vintage, flowery, english, relax -
. Carcosa Kuala Lumpur .

High tea - good view - cozy environment. Me myself :)

B'day planned from the Gf - wishing me ahead of prosperous.
. Dotz Cafe, Kota Kemuning .

Another late planned from the high school besties. :)
Japan food fav sashimi on my celebration, loves overload.

Talked about the shopping trip. It's crazy getaway with the girls. Also, my first trip of the year of 2013.
Appreciate the best time of the off days spending outside the country - Bangkok, Thailand.

 . At SIAM .

. siam center .

bulbs . wifi zone
. siam paragon .

dessert place . siam center .

shopping paradise . chaktuchak weekend market .

Awesome mall that filled with all trademark landmark signed of all the country around the world.
. Terminal 21 .

public .

And yes, I should say - I'll be back to this town very very soon.
Loves Bkk.

Post to be continued ___

Thursday, March 28, 2013


午飯後蛇去逛書局 巧遇大半年前的久客戶 

就很平常的一个微笑 say hi

她用眼神留住我的步伐     -



(非常记得这女的高学历大学生但她有个不可告人的梦想. 曾经我们是那么的无说不谈)
  (可当下脑袋瓜在拼命搜索 ... 但我实在念不出她的名字,愧疚死 -.- )

: 我被錄取了好感動~明天飛!
: 願你所夢耶,那家人都懂了嗎?
:他们都懂了 ... 很害怕他们不喜欢但一切真的好欣慰好感动!


終算你的堅持沒浪費 替你感到驕傲  .

有些事不做  一輩子都不會做了


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Special Occasion - 2

February is the romantic month - Valentine

It's a busy month though. But Feb is fabulous :)
On these day couples are busy celebrating having expensive meal. For us, we choose to skipped away from the town. Enjoy good song, wave sound, wine and seafood, gifts exchange surround by the beautiful beach. Rented a chalet facing seaside strong wind good view mind relax.

to the outskirt . deep breathe 

us . two .

water chalet . sea view .

thanks bf for the arrangement .  

March - It's your month.

I hope you not too blame too simple for what I've plan for you. As thing goes further age goes older many unrelated things become even more relevant. Life's is harder and please appreciate the moment when all are well. We had good time and hard. Life is uncertain dear, always be positively on every decision for you and for mine. Good day.

The third birthday i've been went through with you . blessed .

birthday boy please smile more and talk more . you can be greater

You're the black and white men in my heart .
as so, i've selected this place filled with the theme on your day
. Milk and Butter, Bangsar .

I set it a birthday luncheon
sinful dessert . delicious good food .
strongly recommend to my friends

handmade art craft present for you . to remember .

us . age grow and we glow :)
. happy b'day .


April is ahead   //