Monday, February 21, 2011


that depends a good deal on where you want to get to.

my time management has a bit problem man. am i that busy?
blame me. i don't even get a good rest for my self perhaps 5hours a day?
i'd need somewhere to breath yeshh to breathe.
everythg goes just fast, time flies man.
isn't the signify of older ages. lol?

i'm sick by the way. like finally?
bless me.

Friday, February 18, 2011

享受工作 享受生活.
你感恩生活,生活将赐予你灿烂的阳光 ;
你不感恩,只知一味的怨天尤人,最终可能一无所有 ...
奮鬥的當時我在努力吸取經驗 , 更激发我挑战困难的勇气加深.

3月 飛巴厘
5月 飛浮羅交怡
6月 飛香港 + 澳門


very special day with the special one's of mine
happy valentine's day !

0214 . 2011

couples all the way, everywhere. nice scene perhaps?

valentine during the cny. warmed

happy valentine's day to you and to me.
the sweetest yet bestest valentine i ever had, appreciated with heart filled.
i love you

Valentine meals @ Garden, The Gardens.
best food. but, sucks services! i wondered how come the management are plain sucks.
i used my very strong english accent fight with the so called person incharged of the day.
hello! Mr waiter, you are not providing us a good service of your's, please? and thanks.
the waiters really pissed me off. ughh, it's valentine. so i forgive yet forget about it.

the bf

the gf

english tea session + steak meal
for the beautifully valentine.

nice foods

the present and the valentine's card as well, from heart.

haha! i knew you'll like it.
i bet that this was a unique day brought you a pretty memorable moment.
somehow, i think men need cares more than the women.
that's why...ehem! i wrote the card :)

huge thanks to the lovely flowers bouquet and the favourite-ever-best-baby-poodle, for me.
load loves.

it was so nice you know.? it is so not same with the other's girl's flowers.
kind of special. everythg to me were just unique.
ohh, another thanks.

to be very honestly and i swear, i didn't expect Mr Low will present me this.
i visited this little puppy during the time when Mr Low fly oversea to Aus.
i do my saving to own this little puppy back home. till then i received this. awww~
Dia tu pandai lorrr, pakat with my sibling, friend and families. till i found this surprised.
*touched + cried*

baby toy poodle breed. i named him Kino.
my new baby :D

and seriously, i hope so much that you will like it.

supper time after paktoh the whole day. Subway!

yummmmmmm ...

nommmmm mmm ...

0214. happy valentine
she says : " i am really the lucky one to be your's. "
he says : " you bring me luck and cheer me up."

you light up my life, happy valentine's days.
with love

Monday, February 14, 2011



情人節快樂. 140211

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


中學時期混大的哥兒們. 籃球隊的 沒錯
一起上山下海 去野餐的 仆夜店的 哥兒們
老樣子, 他們老愛酸言酸語 諷刺雞婆八卦
不過我欣賞的是 他們 以真心交流 不分你我
相隔兩年吧 沒有真正聚在一起
好難得的今天. 你們有福了, 兄弟
哈哈哈哈哈! 太多回憶了

只是我們有了各自翱翔的方向, 的未來. 精彩
dare to pursue your dreams, as i always said.

努力 :)

Sunday, February 06, 2011

summer aus

思念 是一種很玄的東西

氣象報告說 澳洲的天氣 早晨晴朗 夜間微冷
那裡的夏天 漂亮 嗎?
我大後天的考試 願一切順順利利

Friday, February 04, 2011


再溫馨不過的事 還不就是過新年啊
很想說, 我好像老了

但願 這美麗的兔年裡事事順心 :)