Friday, October 31, 2008

happiee halloween ...


goooooood morning,
i am here agn ..
busy for those day n doesn't have da extra time to blog around for this week.
hahaa. errr. . . yeaa Happieee Halloween.
da time now shows 7.10am in da morning. and i am going to school now.

brb... mwahhh

miss me miss me.


kayy... i am back.
having my claz frm morning 7.30am to 12.30pm as random as owes.
haha. i would like to mention bout da same thing here agn... spm its getting nearrrRR.
chilling for the ghost-movie with my schoolmates n dearest as today's was halloween. hahaha. challenge the heartbeat.we watched The Coffin . the super duper hyper sienzz movie but it is freaking gan jeong at some part. ehm its scary at da geli-bloodly-ghost-scene. omgg.. we scream and laughing like nobody buisness inside da cinema.. haha. gals mahh! errmmm..
i've meet da buddies-bestie of mine aka HC, afte da movie session. haha..
someone fallen into da big black holes. a flirty ppl fallen into da love sick..
don't say i boh sim. lols... i care for u kayy. * smile * see how nice i am! hahaa..
not a big deal for jx a cup of lemon tea. eh lehh stop mention on it ler kayy.. i wan starbucks nx time. thx =P
Being deeply loved by someone gives u strength, while loving someone deeply gives u courage. go ahead for all da dream. cheer!!
heheee... yayaa. but, i am jx the silly one's! huh??
enjoying single life's.. lols , maybe?!
i seriously hate to be in love... but i enjoyed to be loved ! =) the pain u could never ever ever forget when your love's ones hurting at u badly. i hate u! kayy. i jx don't wanna to gain a hater.. just fine.. forget it. yeapp, i don't trust in true-loves ... i will never forget my hard times. hmmm coz it builds me into a stronger person within... it's not what you know, it's what you use dat makes a diffrences.. If you put negative energy into a situation, it will not have a positive outcome. or maybe i'm just havent meet the right person.. true love not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfecty.. i don't fight for love... i jz wait. silly huh? just try to make urself to be a better person bfore u try to know someone else better and expect them to know u, to love u, to sayang u more. =)

i was never afraid of failure i can bear for the pain when i know i am doing what is da right. just wish u guys are well.

There will be the time when u are so lost and down. But only then, u'll know how to be grateful...

Sunday, October 26, 2008


16days left . spm

Anyway today is just a ordinary day for me. get enough of rest ...
i am going to be crazy with my studiess ...
i jx can't do it as well mann .............................
* i hate books alot *

可能我不是读书的料 也或许是我自儿懒惰 但我得为我将来打拼啊 没有好成绩是不行!

not a big deal !

haiyoooooo . . . 此时,还真的 很想很想 跑出去玩呢.
得等到考完试先 才能轻松下来
Euphoriaaaaaa 你 , 等我 ~ ahaaaaa.
我是乖乖女 !

( 闲,整天只顾着想 玩。)

. e m o .
omfg ~ i ter-delete my chat box. which mean i lost every comment from all of my fwens. ishhhh.. * geramnya * and there is a new cBox. hi peeps, leave me a msg whenever u pass by yaa... thx !


So yeaa... i am back .
headed over pj just now with my dearest Ying
kay, i promised this is da ever last time i headed out shop shop gai gai ... i will continue to revise my studies asap okayy. wish me lu
ck i need da best..!

ying & me

da evening , ying came over my plc ... we planned for chilling out relax relax bfore our exam. haha . . . i rush all the way to clean up myself and then did some make up make up thingy as usual. so afterall , was then headed over pyramid to did some shopping. hmmm i didnt buy anytin this time. guai lui .... went for dinner at annie wrk placed at around 9sumtin.. i'm suffering for da gastric illness duhhh ........ aisehh. feelin bad ! luckily i wasnt took acohol that nite. geeeez. See, i told u imma guai lui ~ *spm* if not ..... haaaa. ying laugh like a mad at me. the pregnant women . lols! gastric ehh. what the hell up . . . gastric pain memang susahkan me. denggg. kay, skip fer that so afte that i've meet with Sam n his fwens afte we done our dinner. chilling yumcha with them ... hahaa. nice guys! they can speak chinese wehhhh... so cute. haha. while, reach bk klang , agn my othe bunch of fren askin us accompanied yumcha yumcha all togete.. home sweet home afte yumcha session. owhh ee yeap, so so sorry to Loon. he blame me that i ffk him! ahaaa. sowwiee, we club nx time lah kayy, i promised. alright? chill yarrr dude =) geeeeeeeez!

i'm a busy but bored..

i'm a simple yet complicated ppl..
thx da simple life's fulfill with da caring from da..
f r i e n d


my sunday,
i wakiiie pretty early in da morning .. i got da nightmare laz night n i cried , it's silly ......
start from nx monday i got da whole week holiday again.
nervous ~ sei ye SPM ! wat the hell up with the sch. everyweek holidaysss
kayy here my sunday. no outgoing .....

T h e S t u d y D a y

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the 20th . better in time

it's 20th agn of the month. October. 1020 .

1 0 2 0
lols?! ..... that's a meaningful date to me.
- 1 0 2 0 -
the ten-th month. the 20th.
owh guys, do ya know bout my mandirin name..? ahaa! got it?
err. while, what i should says is i enjoyed my single life with loads of wonderful thingy, even my fwens & family are surrounded with me right this moment.
owhhh yeaa, that is a thing of mine i would like to share here ,
well, giving up doesn't always mean i am weak kayy. Sometimes, it means that u are strong enough to let it go ! =)

我过去的悲剧 一切都无所谓
黑暗曾将我包围 看着远处的灯光 还真的好美
风儿轻轻的吹 落叶静静的随 闭上眼有了更深的体会
回味着往事好美 可惜这样的夜 一次就够了
时间过了走了 我累了 累了

“ 往 事 只 能 回 味 ”
pRue . 081020

Sunday, October 19, 2008


It's not the fault of student if he/she fails at their test because the year ONLY has 365 days...
typical academic year for a student:

1. Sundays - 52 Sundays in a year, you know Sundays are for rest.
Days left 313.

2. Summer holidays - 50 where weather is very hot and difficult to study.
Days left 263.

3. 8 hours daily sleep - 130 days GONE.
Days left 141.

4. 1 hour for daily playing- (good for health) means 15 days.
Days left 126.

5. 2 hours daily for food & other delicacies (chewing properly & swallowing) - means 30 days.
Days left 96.

6. 1 hour for talking (man is a social animal) - means 15 days.
Days left 81.

7. Exam days - per year at least 35 days.
Days left 46.

8. Quarterly, half yearly and festival (holidays) - 40 days.
Days left 6.

9. For sickness - at least 3 days.
Days left 3.

10. Movies and functions- at least 2 days.
1 day left.

11. That 1 day is your birthday.
How can you study on that day ?!?!?!?!?!

Balance = 0
' How can a student pass ?????'

*Please pass this on and you will have good luck for your
examinations through out your life studying =)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

hahahaaa ... well ,
So far, afte read this.. do u guys agree with these? 365days are not enough for a student.. woooooo. i totally agree with it !! *cough* speechless with the reason. lols
ishhhhh . . . spm it's getting nearer... there is only 23days left. omg! concentrate ... study study study. hmmmmm. . . life sux! aihs. nx week school again. owwww ~~ boring ~~
kay kay... rajin lah sikit!
S T U D Y ... S T U D Y... !!

"dot dot dot" berfoto-foto of da week >>

take 1
take 2
take 3
take 4

take 5

take 6

take 7

take 8

take 9

take 10

Friday, October 17, 2008

good girl .

it's been an age since my last updated.
while, imma kinda laziee lahh. plus i don't have the right mood to blog around. sienz man... kayy, here my recent post. ehmm jx ramdomly lahh. nothing special. =)
owhh! yeahh ... spm left the only 24days. nervous man....Goshhh!!

ishhhhh ..
ehmm yeahh, recently i was rushing with my studies. haha !! amazing~? okayy, i admit that i am a lazy gurl. a vy vy lazy ones. hahaa =X i hate text book , i hate exercise book... coz what ~ Sienzz lorr !! i scare of boring-ness. i scare of freedom-less. i am that kind who can't stay at home for 24hours. but, spm it's getting near. no choice, i try not to be headed out owes n stayed home baca buku ٩( - ̮̮̃ •̃)۶ Geeeeee.!

ehmm yeahh.. talked about yesterday. The stupiak Euno fon me early in da morning, asked me to accompany him to One-U. while, to b being of boring-ness at home for da whole week.. so why not i join him. kayy, i woke up pretty early in the morning. So then, afte he picked me frm my place. we both headed over Damansara.. and then went One-U to did some shopping coz i got to buy sumting for my own . . . teeheee. kayy, i spent da whole noon walked over there shopp like nobody business... and well i'm damn broke now lahh. ishhh... haha. it's okay ~ i've bought myself some lovey stuff. =) owwww yaya... my loveable adidas sport shoe more!! ٩(× ̯ ×)۶ it was edi out of stock man. how sad~!!!! actuali i was planned to ask my dad buy it fer me afte ma spm. but, thr is not selling anymore wehhhh.....omg. darn! kek sim 99. ishhh hope dat will found it at maybe othe branch.... pray hard for it. aihh.. suin lerr ~ had lunch togete with Euno @ Zanmai. urrghhhhhhh again ~ 真的没有看过男人酱爱吃日本餐!hahaa.. =.="

afte lunch continue my shopping. kayy, someone throw me alone at OU. pity me hohh... ahahaa. kk, i wont simply bongkar ppl rahsia. xD well skipp fer that.. err. back from OU at 8pm sumting..... ha! somethings funny goes on us ishh .... that's was reli freak me out lahh. haiyo.. damn it heavy rain at da night. hmmm. was then on the way back at 1st actually we planned off to Barcelona for a drinks .... haha. ladies night mahhh. but someone felt guilty so we chilling to Parade. afte dat tot of having dinner at parade, Old town but den we chng our dinner venue again afte meet up with Kyo. yumchar afte that, skipp fer that. back to my home sweet home afterall. hmmm ...

uhmmm.. i saw my dearest Wen's bloggie. she is vy down recently... she is having a short fight with her's boy maybe. aihh. cheer up gal..... listen to me, don't you cry hah..! sayang eu. ;) don't forget i will owes be at ur side, kayy... smile owes. damn a freaky loooong time i didn't mix up chilling out with my gals. miss them..bff !! ^^
i accidently saw someone's blog. errrR.. copycats. =X lols.. ahaa?!

owww yeaa. my beloved Jay's NEW album , 魔杰座 .
hahaha! he is soooo great man.. owww i just simply love this song which named .
a vy sweet yet meaningful song! i repeat repeat this song the whole day long to listen with it ... hmmmm.

with friendship ;
it does not matters how long you've known each other or how many fights u got into.

what d matters is who said : " i'll be there fo
r you and they prove it ! " thats the true friend play da character who meant to me =)

saje . .

and , there is some vy cute Jokes >>
check it out .....

click it to enlarge

Muahahahahhahahahaaaaahahahhahaaaaaa ....
i laugh like hell for this seriously... okayyy, i know imma just a LaMe-SHiT. lols!!
kayy, yayaa that's all fer da day. it's 5.35am in the morning now. tired !!
haha..... i am really got to go fer my bed.

goodnites ppl. and bubbye ~~

Sunday, October 12, 2008

pRue's moment . We deserve to b happy, always kayy

很懒惰update 我的 blog ..

最近我都和书本拍拖 ....... damn!

最近我的皮肤老是出现状况....尤其是我的美腿 haha! 还有手。。damn!! 可能对某些食物敏感! 很pekchekk 的!

最近吃了好多东西. ehmm yaa ~ Mr.Baoz 在 pavillion. 得空就去试试下吧. 那里的包子是可爱到 ~ 味道也不错 ; )

最近在存钱 ... 我在 pavillion 看中了一个 Gucci 包 还有 Burberry 钱包.. sibehh 爱死了~ 非买不可! ahaa.

最近看了场新上映的电影.. < 武侠梁祝 . Butterfly Lover > 还蛮不赖耶...... 那个阿Sa & 吴尊演的.. 好看好看!! 问世间~ 情为何物啊?!

最近拿了 SPM schedule. 气死我了...... 我的 geography 竟然在 last 一天考!!! 4th dec. damn!!

最近我在学maths... 超级的~难! 小小声跟你们说... haha! 我的maths ... 是超级的~烂! 我搞不懂那些屁股formulae 啦... 算来算去. aiye ~ 难得要命! hahaa! i need a vy vy patient vy vy good maths tutor right now. sob !! 后悔每次上数学课时不专心lahhh! T.T

最近赶那补习课 till like hell !!

最近学校form3学生考pmr. then, 我们form5 off-days. 哈哈.. 休息! 中三的, 你们要加油... goodluck!

最近我都不用去上课. 但, 都呆在家~ 超级乖女!

最近都一直在听这首歌 .... <对的人!> 超nice ~

最近我患上 "驾驶恐惧" drving phobia..... 驾 夜车很惨的 但是也很爽下. haha!! 有时候还觉得 哪些死人头好像不会让人一下的.. 马路如虎口! 哈哈.. 要小心.

最近都很夜睡觉. 唉 ~

最近我都很傻.... 哈哈~ 看见各个朋友庆祝生日 唉.....真羡慕! ^^ 我在倒数我明年18岁生日. (倒数78天!)

就是自恋. 行吗? =P
哈哈... well, 我的look太casual horr ..
哦.. 还有我的头发是真的!!! 不是 接发片来的kayy ^^
Pavilion. Mr Baoz

. . . . 我的周日 . . .

fei po

thats all =)
and now was almost 5am in the morning. i am going to bed. hmmm tired !
gudnightz .. and mwahs =)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

我好. 累




for my studies man ...............
i got no more time right now... omfg!
concentrate !! concentrate!!
"24hours=1day" ee yeap, it's enough for me =X
SPM is getting near .. it is near !! countdown for my spm ...

uhowooo... next week, i got da whole week holiday agn lahh !!
darn, so great huh ?? !!

最爱穿白球鞋 最爱喝不加糖咖啡
三更半夜不睡 上网找个人聊聊天
不在乎白天的恩怨 不担心明天的冒险
没有问题 ~~ 不要太在意!


最爱听朋友说我~ 甜美
不管夜多黑 不管天会亮 不去想明天


stay 不管夜多黑 不管天会亮 不去想明天

远远的 到天涯 到海角
浩瀚的 天际里

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

the raya-holiday's trip .

Saaa-wass-dee-cuppppppppp !!

hye hye .... it's been awhile since i last updated.
miss me ?
ahahaaaa. i do miss u guys lots lahh wehhh *winks* =D
and now i am having sick badly duhhh ..... illness! danggg.

back to topic . . . yeap, i've just reached back M'sia @ last saturday night.
been to Thailand last week. having my raya-holidays over there =) ermm .. well, where shud i start. . . ermmm

i've been to temple. errR to do sumting praying stuff. was then, went to a vy vy freaky beautiful beach.... owww ~ i love beach! hehee.... stayed at thailand over 4,5 days. and i hv taste lots diffrent food/seafood there. owww~ slurps! tomyam , seafood , and tomyam.... aha! i even taste RAW oysters RAW shrimp RAW squid ............... ahahaa. eerrrrR.. well, it's taste good man. but i don't really like it... uhm~ maybe tak biase with the un-cooked food.. geli! ahahahaaa.

aihs! basically i did a good mood when holidays... ^^ but, i'm suffering with da badly illness once i back from thai. WTF. imma now sick 99. ="l
sigh! never went to sch 2day.. hoii.. miss my schoolmates man. =)

may the foto did the talk, alright ...

brunch time..

nerdy wehhh~

eiiiiii ~~ i love swimming !!
splash! muahahahaaaa.. zzZ

ignore my face =X

the resort where i stayed ... damn it nice!
Racha Kiri Resort & Spa @ Khanom.
p r u e " my name

nice angle right? xD
nice huh? flower flower.

sexy back.

lastly .... gotta rest now.
damn it... i am so so sick! urghh~

chaos baby......