Saturday, July 30, 2011


还是对这华丽的城市   充满了欲望.

继续加油 实现它

一份曾今来自巴黎的小手信.  一位学院校友送的  

Ahh, Paris! my very realistic expectation also a place i must go to. -- Work hard, Prue!  

P/s : recent. mailed out resumes/cv to few of my interested company.
Best luck to me, as always. Pray extra hard.

All the best.

Monday, July 25, 2011


True care cannot be expressed in words, it can be expressed only through possessiveness and anger when you get close to others, take care dear. health is the best thing of a happy life. words to the boyfriend. get well soon!

Friday, July 22, 2011


July. It's a month of planning and gathering to me.

i make up a fast decide and planned ahead with mind.
also, a month that've been so happy and so much of laughter of all. neither a busy month nor i started up the path of a new entry into my life. yeas. the higher diploma night-lessons has started weekly ago. also, the interviewed is qualified and i'm proudly be accepted, god blessed me always that much, i appreciated.

talked about the gathering session. i'm always the busy ones' among all, as they said or complaint. but, here goes i've made it happened with loads happiness blissfulness, spending the great times with the dearest friends. life's moment.

the intimate of mine. after so long and its finally that's a great day we get to meet up each other. remind me when the bitter-sweet days in our national service.

 the high-school-classmates. also the best of the best buddies of mine. 
we craps & eat like nobody business like the old days.

the guys, the bf's brothers. the friendly and funny guys. haha!
another dinner gathering/celebrating the aussie's guy, Arthur came back to m'sia.

lastly, the surprising birthday celebration for my Cheryl beebee.
haha! a very memorable day for her. we love u always kay.

goood weekend ahead from now. appreciated the last two days before the busy-life start.

Thursday, July 07, 2011


色既是空,空既是色 : 
感觉长越大 要求的东西也越高. 不管,人 事 物
是好还是坏? 好于你会更求长进努力向前 : 不好于这明明就是虚荣心


Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Hong Kong summer trip

In many ways this is a urban city scene, but to be honest, for a while today I was feeling kind of thankful to the one who seriously being the one who accompanies me to the place where we planned to travel. When you’re on the road too long the spark of newness fades, and travel can feel like a long, meaningful, a detour from loved ones and from life. weeks ago i've been touched down the visited land, hong kong. and yeap am trying to share some of my photos here reveal a little bit to you here more about hongkong good place, nothing much just simply sharing.

 hk signature 1 : tall buildings and busy city

night in the town . tall buidings 

  hk signature 2 : night life 

hk signature 3 : this is a rich place with colourful views . pretty at night

hk signature 4 : disney land

 mickey and minnie mouse

the little paradise of  the kids

hk signature 5 : vintage stall . red taxi

hk signature 6 : jumbo kingdom floating restaurant

hk signature 7 : dimsum

hk signature 8 : hanging signboard . night life

hk signature 9 : express mtr services . super convience

hk signature 10 : lantau island (ngong ping 360)

the giant buddha hills

hk signature 11 : the kungfu legend . the classical character, brunce lee

hk signature 12 : the so dramatical scene of all in the street. 

that's all for some random shot i would share here. enjoying whereas i've been to. perhaps the next visit countries would be some amazing western land or europe cities? exiciting. haha. to load more interesting photos that i've taken in hk can kindly check out at my facebook peeps.