Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sick poodle

my little baby poodle has an upset tummy few days ago, he was being inactive and he's sick, badly.
he can't express his discomfort yet he is so sickening, how sad. 
did a very detailed researched and i googled all about it. i was so worried til then i brought him to the vet another day. felt so helpless and careless to my little one,
this is so heart aching when seeing it sick and i can't give any help.

a pet is always more than a friend to me.
be recover soon my baby . kino


Tuesday, March 13, 2012


执行大小事务 總得让自己切記這很有推动力的座右銘
先站住再站高 /先成长再成功 /先完成再完美.

一旦忙了起来   还真的是语气好重思绪繁杂


先解决心情  再解决事情
/ 赐我力量.