Wednesday, March 31, 2010


不長不短 的那 三個月。

來, 我告訴你 .... 真的真的學了很多東西。
這一行, 哈! 除了工錢高. 口才要好 ..........
會做人比會做事還要重要 (:

Says goodbye, Focus Point Shah Alam City Centre.
Says goodbye, The lovely Colleagues of mine.

Goodbye my very formal uniform,
Goodbye my 8.54793cm black high-heel,
Goodbye the SACC's mates those deejays, u guys are fun!

Goodbye ...........................................

i will never forgot the moment when with you gurls!
the moment when i upset, you all being supportive.
i will miss the moment you all teaching me the every new stuff,
i learn alots.
the moment when we gossips.
it's fun.
the moment when we shopping, ktv, eat. awwww..www.
it's the most memorable.


誰說跟女同事會難相處難? 我 x1000 愛她們!

Manager 的鼓勵, 我不會忘記. 感恩。你最疼我.
Yasmin 你那眼角的 淚, 我永遠懷念. 謝謝關照了。

魚, 來 .............. 我 依然會是你 的 best listener. 加油.
姬,你永遠是我最好的 backup. 我愛死你! 答應噢你我會乖.
莎,加油! 你也可以很好哦。 拼吧!

“ This shall be the best memories, best journey of my sweet nineteen. i will remember it.
Demi kejayaanku demi studies-ku, aku harus pergi... call me always kayyy!! "

慘了. 我的淚 在打滾....emo shit.

多不想 say goodbye. T_T

Sunday, March 28, 2010

ohhh my god ....................................................

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


然而将灯 关上. 此刻,
是 一片无声 的黑暗.
黑暗中,很小心翼翼 的 将情绪收藏,來一下部落.

nice piece. the sense of art.

我 很簡單.
簡單 得 有點現實
現實 中帶來 喜悅
喜悅 里看見 自己


有時候 ... 的有時候,
心情 會不自禁跌了些
一個人時 该怎么办?仅存的一点点的骄傲。

滿足. 那, 不難 ...
來一點 關心,充一下電 已覺得很不錯,很窩心.
每個人活著 都有著 不一樣 信念. 不論是你還是我.
要征服我 就得先征服我那 美麗的頑固.

19+ 歲時 的自己 ...
Indulging in my perfect serenity


19+ 歲時 .............
算不賴. (:
得珍惜 身邊的所有. 一切。
我要的是平凡之中的 不平凡. 這就是我.
我不會愛. 因為 愛情就像水晶球, 堅固而脆弱.
经常告诉自己这阶段是应该为未来打拼的 没时间胡思乱想
不被悲观主义影响. 不要随波逐流 .
野心勃勃立志追求不平凡的 未来.

靜靜的,來下 奢侈 的夢。
我下一個 wishlist 范圍

Well done is better than well said.

該來一部 proton 還是 perodua 呢?
再來 是要一臺 canon's 5d mark2 要不 d3000?
去一趟 taipei 或者 singapore? airasia 便宜機票.
不像要 prada 還是 gucci 了.
該換嗎..是要一部 手提型 dell 還是 toshiba?一部小型又便宜的.

我的工資 并不高。
但自己賺 自己存 自己花.
沒有錯吧. 憑著自己能力范圍. 享受.

迫不及待 想要快點開學 ;
心里卻有點納悶, 依依不舍 FocusPoint 的日子.
不敢想象 大學生涯 趕 assignment 的狀況.


突然,窗外似 下著小雨。

來,想要個按摩師 再來 給杯濃縮 espresso. (:


Sunday, March 21, 2010


倒數10天 ...


Friday, March 19, 2010

moment in time

hi peeps.
i'm still..................... survive. LOL.

i saw,
peoples keep in in out out my blog duh. i know u guys are curious and wants to know more. ahah.

an road accidient happened on me last week.
a very light one.
God blessed oh yea, that i can still blogging here (:

來,the stories begin like this .....

One night,
Prue is driving a 4WD-3000cc-MB's-car on da way back home from work. It's late at the night. And, its in a freaking heavy rain that night.

Ohh hell! i met this. there's a noob-malai-po aka the driver.
she has a emergency break infront of me.
then . . . . . . . . . .
alright, i admit it's my fault, so i do really willing get her a paid. or maybe a new bumper!
this malai-po was a college student. i asked for her phone number and shall try to settle it for her. yeshh, i wasn't that irresponsible mahh.

and, me, yeashh me, i am a chinese.
( chinese's character = u got money, ape hal pun boleh settle.)
i talked nicely to her, eventhou i leave my hp number for her.
( owww why am i so stupid? )

Mummy said : " u are too kind! why don't you just run it off...? you scare what? aihyo. "
Police, The Sarjan said : " u are too cute to drove a big car and kissed at the little Myvi's ass. bagi dia duit settle lah. "

the worst one. your wtf little very not cute Myvi, hello! no pecah no kemek. She wants from me 500 bucks to just spray at your scratch. get your ass off my dear. I rather pay the summon and duit kopi for the mata..!

That was a real sad.
Prue's family wasn't at klang the whole week. and i settled ini semua myself. big claps for me. and a big thanks for my cousie.
My money is flies pay the police summons. haih.

It's okay. as long as me and the car was in safe. thx for those sms-ed, called which from fwen's for the caring.
is touched.
i'm in a emo mode liao since so many bad case happening. but, am always the tough one!

像是刺猬 般防范, 伪装得 勇敢.
不停忙碌, 不斷追步, 不浪費時間
累. 是值得的.
那些復雜的人類,唉. 別浪費生命了.

以前要的不是這種以後. 充實的生活,

don't fall into my eyes.

when the emo mode turn me on. and, i choose to
Off to Library with the fwens to study my Hoegaarden!

we choose an outdoor sit.
rainy nite.comfortable (:

this will turn your mood from emo to even more happier.

This is unforgetttable! Thx.

The fwens always asked that :
" why u always complaint Timeless one ? hari hari busy! "
thats true. awww wtf.

the study life start real soon. omfg man.
tension. comes another little ohh so funny little suprise.
Listen guys, gimme some time alright?

沒 感受過這 一絲絲的, 浪漫. 簡單的.
頓時, 頭腦空白了.

有點快樂. (:

小小的感動 大大的驚喜.
goshh..ignore my work-face and the work-placed.

Don't falls for me. ain't a good gf.

to be honest, i want it shorter than this.

say goodbye, long hair.

has a meet up with my high school senior few weeks ago.
enjoy outing with u gals.
had a great chilled out session with the galfwens at da offday.
they are great chit chatting partner *winks*
Love em.

Alice in the Wonderland.

Domokun in the Dreamland.

Btw, i saw this. Domokun's families.
remind me of Gary low chan peng.

Alexis wine bar.

few weeks ago.

Thursday, March 04, 2010


countdown-ing ...

Still the 1month left and i'm forcing to leave this job real soon.
i LOVE this job & my lovely colleagues fcuking much.
Deep sad.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010



感动了. 我知道 ..... 我明白非常非常明白.

可 这次, 价子 吊得太过高.
因,还未 去找到相爱的理由. 我不是完美情人.

i was seriously in a very low confidence or maybe no confidence for love yet.

谢了, 还是感动着.