Friday, December 25, 2009

X'mas 09

Jingle bell jingle bell. Jingle all the way.
Stay tune for the X'mas post. have fun everyone!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

our third 1220.

Happie Anniversary my
It's the third 12 december will across.
yeapp, It's still mean so much to me.


Saturday, December 12, 2009


Real tears are not those that fall from the eyes and cover the face, but those that fall from the heart and cover the soul. Sob.the words from the respect one's hurts my ears and killed my heart. i know you too. seriously, i was so disappointed, for not who ever , but myself.
the way i am .... ....
there's too many unhappy things happened in my young life.
With much of afraid. Yeaa, i knw life should be always positvely, no doubt. burst lahh. my brain struck!

I pray. :)

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Best time

It's December now!

The most favourite month for the peoples. Don't you?
holidays month of the year... euhooo!

i am hahahahhaha awaiting for the ...
: 1220
: Christmas Festival !
: 05 Jan XD

awww... the times flies so heavenly fast!
guys, it's December now. aren't you complete ur 2009 wish? satisfy?
sigh. byebye my sweeeeeet eighteen sooon.

truly madly deeply.

Well. i wish i could gambatte in everything i wish to do. never ever give up easily.
ughh... You were my strength. thanks. and pray hard.

Yayy! X'mas is about reaching. There's still 3weeks more to go.
Love the White Christmas. very special feeling, peaceful and with the Snowflakes dipdipdrop...
imagine that's would be So niceeeeeeee!

nightout with the gf @ s.pyramid.
Warm X'mas Deco.

Huge Stitch infront of Republic. CUTE.

Blingy Heineken x'mas tree.

yeshhh.hhh..... i likeyy X'mas veryy much!
sorry for crapz too much of it.

okayy, pictures above credit to last night. gooood friday.
has an outing with my Cheryl bee at the night.
have much of fun and girls talks together. yeaa.. we used to chat
about Men. she spoke out loud everything. hahhahaaha. Remembering the Best happening in the Carpark. the Scene, yeaa i bet that she will nevereva forget it. Goshh.!

what are the memories that has bees thru years.? how are humans able devoid themselves of such thoughts?

thoughts aroused thru the memories that been triggered with occurence around us are
the cause to how we react to certain case. Haihhh... human.

it is nice to catch up with some of the people that used to be
around me or people that i used to chat with them on a daily basis. But, things has happened, people come and go. only the friends would always be around. Luvs.

introducing the fav song of the week : Cindy 唱首歌因为思念

end up my post with erhem.. mylove pics of the week ...

mirror reflect. sp.

fitting room.

Rose earring.

iloveit. Diffrent.

wooooooooooooops... the BF.
cute yay!